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    Should I consider this variable continuous or discrete?

    Hi everyone. I'm working on a dataset in which there are n = 24 observation on subjects, tested for physical resistance. The goal is to evaluate the burnt calories (first variable) based on the body mass in kilos (second variable) and the work level (third variable). The column of the variable...
  2. S

    Continuous variable as moderator of relationship between two continuous variables?

    Is there a test in SPSS to do this? When I google it, I only find it with categorical moderator variables...thanks
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    Choosing a statistical test when study includes both continuous and categorical variables

    Can logistic and linear regression be used when there are both continuous and categorical predictors? Is there any benefit to starting with ANOVA/t-test/chi-square?
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    Choosing the correct analysis

    Hi everyone, Really needing help with choosing the right analysis for my variables. Background: I'm looking at the difference in amplitude for reaction times of negative, positive, and neutral words. The IV: reaction times (negative, positive, neutral words) The DV: amplitude...
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    Description of continuous measurement

    In the pdf attachment from a set of notes, a brief description of how we describe a continuous measurement is described. I have a few basic questions regarding this, any assistance would be appreciated: Questions: - I think the motivation for defining \DeltaW_n is to define it as the error...
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    Association/ correlation binary and continuous data non-normal distribution

    Hi, I want to perform an association analysis between a binary (dichotomous?) variable and continuous variable. The binary variable is whether something is present or not, "Yes" or "No"/ "1" or "0" .... etc. The continuous variable are numbers between ~150 and 170~. The continuous variable is...
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    TTEST vs Logistic Regression

    I have seen some posts here with the same title but I believe my problem is different: I am unsure whether to conduct a 2 sample ttest or a logistic regression because I am unsure of which variable should be my outcome and which should be my predictor variable. The problem: There are 5...
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    Hybrid Network Inference

    I'm trying to figure out how to calculate the result mean and variance for a simple hybrid bayesian network comprised of 2 variables (to keep things simple for now). The nodes are B (discrete) and C (continuous); C being a child node of B. The distribution of B is: B=stable 0.85...
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    Linear Regression with effect size changes of categorical variables with continuous

    I have three categorical variables (disked, herbicide, Lands) each is binomial (0,1). For example, within disked there is a group in which it does not occur (0) and where it did occur (1). I am performing a forward stepwise-approach in which I evaluate each categorical variables in the order...
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    Correlation between Binary (presence/absence)and Continuous Data

    Thanks for the help in advance! I have a binary variable (1 or 0) that describes if a species is present or absent in an area. I also have a list of various crop acreages (continuous variable). I want to correlate the two to see if a certain crops acreage is correlated to the species...
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    Help with decision tree when continuous data

    [Solved Myself, Worthless Community] Help with decision tree when continuous data Hello, I have a dataset (y = true/false, x's = combination of binary and continuous data columns, n = 5000) that I am attempting to create a decision tree for. I used an entropy calculation to determine my...
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    Outcome variable in almost 80% of the cases zero. What to do?

    Dear fellow members, I investigate if physical activity is related to learning outcomes in adult students participating in distance learning. Physical activity is measured via online survey research in 1728 students and after half a year their learning outcomes are mapped. Learning outcomes...
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    Probing an Interaction b/w 3-level categ. predictor and continuous predictor

    Hello! I'm a bit stuck and have scoured the internet for help but to no avail. Any guidance would be much appreciated ... From my omnibus model, I get a significant interaction between my experimental condition assignment (3 level categorical predictor) and Ps' measure of tolerance to...
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    Comparing a continuous variable vs a continuous and a nominal

    Hi. I'm studying the effect of hummingbird feeders on the hummingbirds' pollinization function. We counted the amount of birds feeding on artificial feeders, and on the other side, we captured a number of birds and collected the pollen they carried, then categorized it in four levels (0 grains...
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    Logistic Regression with Continuous Predictor Variable

    Hi, Just a quick question... For my Honours project I am running a risk factor analysis, therefore I've been using logistic regression. When using categorical predictors this whole process hasn't been a problem. However I have one variable that is 'Continuous' & this is giving me some...
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    Correct Analysis Method for 1:1 and 1:4 Matched Studies with Continuous Outcomes?

    I have several questions about analyzing 1:1 and 1:M matched studies that have a continuous outcome variables. 1.To determine difference in 2 means (continuous outcome) for a 1:1 matched case-control study the proper test to use is either a t-test or a Wilcoxon Ranks Test. What tests can you...
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    Covary out?

    Hi all! Thanks in advance for the help! I have three variables A, B, and C A is an independent, two category variable B is an independent, continuous variable C is a dependent, continuous variable. I want to check if there is a relationship between A and C (i.e., are there...
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    In need of help with choosing a statistical test for dissertation results!!

    Thanks again for the help. Only had time to do spearman's but worked out well
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    Continuous states Hidden Markov Chain

    How to deal with HMC that has continuous states? Any papers, links, materials that explain the solution?
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    Binomial Probability, Real Limits, X=0

    Can someone have guessed on quiz and got all 50 questions wrong, but still get 100%? Thanks in advance! :D