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    Convergence issue LEAST SQUARES

    I'm computing the trajectory of a moving body and my net is composed by 5 stations. My observations are DTOA: difference in time of Arrival (they have been linearized). I am trying to use Least Squares with a linear model: Y Ax + b, where Y are the observed measurements (DTOA), A the design...
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    Convergence in probability

    Dear readers, I have a problem saying: "Let [X1, X2,....] be a sequence of random variables such that Xn is distributed according to a Bernoulli distribution with parameter (1/n), with n an integer number. Prove that Xn converges in probability to 0, by obtaining P(|Xn| > Epsolon). Could you...
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    Multi-level analysis, mixed-models: problem with convergence

    Dear reader of this post, I'm conducting research where I have 8 mental health care teams and three dependent variables: victimization, discrimination and social functioning. My research question is whether the socioeconomic status (SES) has influence on my three dependent variables. My...
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    What is the best way to determine the convergence of data?

    I'm doing some research with Matlab (materials science related), and a lot of my work involves statistical analysis, of which I'm not super familiar with (so I apologize in advance if I'm not using proper terminology). For this project I'm measuring some data, and I want to come up with a way to...
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    Problem with nlme() convergence in a Monte Carlo simulation

    Hello. As part of a Monte Carlo simulation, I'm programming some model comparisons on generated data. The underlying relationship in the data is a two-parameter exponential curve (y=a*e^(bx)), and among the models being compared are hyperbolic (y=a/(1+bx)), and quadratic (y=b*(x-a)^2)...
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    Limit in probability of (x-bar)^2 ?

    Anyone have any idea how to prove or show what the limit in probability of (x-bar)^2 is? sample is drawn from CDF F(x)=1-x^-4
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    Proof of constistency of Maximum Likelihood Estimators (MLE)

    Hi all, I would appreciate some help comprehending a logical step in the proof below about the consistency of MLE. It comes directly from Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Hogg and Craig and it is slightly different than the standard intuitive one that makes use of the Weak Law of...
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    convergence not achieved in CFA

    Dear forum I am doing factor analysis on a small quality of life questionnaire. It contains only 6 items. I did EFA with parallel analysis in STATA. This revealed a possible 2 factor structure with 4 items in factor 1 and the last two items in factor 2. When I do CFA (SEM) to test this new...