correlation biserial

  1. C

    Association between non-normal continuous variable and dichotomous variable

    Hello, I'm trying to examine the association between a non-normally distributed continuous variable and a dichotomous variable: yes/no. At first, I thought I should conduct point-biserial correlations but then I realised that in point-biserial correlations, the continuous variable needs to be...
  2. Max_G

    Which stats test to use?

    Hi there, I want to analyse the impact of turning a production line on and off (variable X, binary) on the environmental quality of wastewater being discharged; more specifically, the suspended solids content (variable Y, continuous). I have a set of daily data for a whole month, which shows if...
  3. helgasaraswati

    Point Correlation Biserial SPSS

    How to perform a Point-Biserial Correlation in SPSS Statistics. The Point Correlation Biserial SPSS is a correlation test used when assessing the relationship between an ordinal variable and a continuous variable.