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    Cross-national comparison best methodology and research questions advice

    I am working on my master thesis based on European Social Survey Round 9 from 2018 (link). In a nutshell, I want to use justice principles (the ESS Round 9 is meant to measure four different distributive justice principles, link) to investigate the differences in justice principles between...
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    Choice of model/strategy for multiple regression analisys

    Hi, I am doing an econometrics course where I am to do a regression analysis on some firm data. I want to analyze some shipping data of frozen goods to predict the temperature of the shipped goods at their end destination. My problem is that I am unsure which kind of analysis to make when I am...
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    What statistical test should I use?

    Hello, I am currently working on my thesis proposal and am having to state the proposed methods of my data analysis. I am focusing on two aims: 1) analyzing whether individuals with metabolic syndrome have higher rates of depression; 2) analyzing whether individuals with metabolic syndrome...
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    Small sample cross-sectional regression: different levels

    I have a small sample of about 50 firms, clustered in 20 countries. The main explanatory variables of interest are all firm-specific, as well as the dependent variable. However, I also want to include a possible control variable on the country-level (imagine ''unemployment_rate"). Can...
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    Averaging regression coefficients for 50 regression , how to report t statistic ??

    hi i have estimated same regression equation for 50 stocks, i need to report the cross sectional average of the regression coefficients, how can i report the t statistic for the cross sectional averages. Shoulc i average them too?? help needed
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    Is Unemployment Rate important as a regressor in a cross sectional analysis?

    Hello, I am doing a regression on potential sales and I want to identify the demand drivers. I was wondering if Unemployment rate could be one of them , however i only notice it in panel data regressions in the literature. I have only cross-sectional data (cross-country) and I am afraid that...
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    Multiple regression with explanatory variables from different time periods

    Hello, I am in a pickle again. This time I am worried about the explanatory variables of my cross sectional model. The dependent variable is Sales for 2011 while the explanatory variables are some from 2011, some are predictions for 2011 and others from 2010 and even 2009. Does this situation...
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    model usage for prediction

    Hi everone, I am facing a twofold problem. First, can i cross sectional model be used for prediction? Mine is a sales regression for 2011 and I want to predict the changes in the 2012, so its a log log model. Second, I choose a buch of explanatory variables like gdp p.c, population, HDI, IEF...
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    What is study population in Statistics?

    this is a question that i have to answer * you have been requested to design a study to determine the prevelence of hypertention in my area. 1. describe the study design that u would use 2. describre the study population you would plan to include in the study? when describing the study...