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    Help: grade distribution issue

    Hi guys! I apologize in advance if my question is not right for this forum. However I hope that you guys who deal with statistics could help. :) My mates had a test examination (200 questions total). Majority of the people did excellent. The grading was as follows: 200 / 200 on the test was...
  2. W

    Analysing pre- and post-treatment lactate curves

    Good morning all, Has anyone got experience with analysing lactate against power curves? I have pre- and post-treatment lactate curves for 10 trialists, which I am hoping to quantifiably analyse. I understand the benefits of such a curve moving down and to the left, but can I establish the...
  3. Y

    What type of curve is this?

    The left one is a logistic curve / sigmoid function e.g. y=1 / 1+exp(-bx) What would be the typical name for the curve on the right / typical functional form? :confused:
  4. D

    How to compare trends of different curves?

    Hello everyone, i'm a newbie here...i'll try to explain, as well as i can, my stat problem: I have to compare trends of sleep during time of three different (beetween factor) groups of subjects (see childlike picture). How can i easily do that? in particular, i would like to highlight that the...
  5. R

    Comparing curves fitted to two quadratic regressions

    Hello, I have constructed two calibration curves, i.e. plotting known concentrations against response. Both of these sets of data seem to fit a quadratic model best. The curves fitted to these data have the following equations: y = -2.7484E-07x2 + 1.5453E-03x + 7.1982E-02 and y =...