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    How to continue raw data for Forcasting ~ Holts-Winter

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and i am in need of help regarding the Holt's Winter Method. I've managed to build a forecasting model in excel using the Damped method which works very well. But due to my lack of experience, I am confused on how to continue the raw data as the forecasting...
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    Cyclical Data Transformation

    For data that may look linear but is in fact cyclical (time most commonly), is there like a sine function based data transformation that has been proven to work well? I feel kinda silly making dummy fields, and now that I'm playing around with multiple imputation, I'm worried that if I'm missing...
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    fill missing variables by cycle

    Hi all, I am on this for some time now and don't know how to solve it. It is actually only a small part of a much bigger task, but I am stuck and cannot go further. I have quite a large dataset (ds) with around 40 variables. To every ID there are multiple cycles. In every cycle there are...