decision trees

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    Trying to make sense of this Decision Trees question

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out how the solution to this decision trees question from college makes sense but there's not much explanation and in the notes there are no similar examples either so I'm lost as to where to begin. I'll attach the question/solution to this post. Thanks!
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    permutations "partykit"

    Hello, I am new to R and I was reading about conditional decision trees. In the "party" package there is an option to select number of permutations (nresample=...). However, that is not the case with "partykit". So does it use permutations, even if it is a constant number and I can't...
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    Sample Set size requirement - Boosted Decision Trees (gbm package) Models

    Is there any formal literature or generally accepted "Best Practices" for the sample set size needed to build a Boosted regression trees? I have a client with only 188 records and my only way so far to validate the results is to continuously test different subsample amounts of records and...
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    decision trees

    Hi there, Is there a better package than RPART for modelling decision trees in R? I can generate a decision tree using rpart, but it is only a binary tree. Is there any package that would make for example 3 or 5 splits from one node? Thanks in advance.
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    Reducing likert-type scales from 10 point scale to lower order point scal

    Have made lots of movement in looking at this project... Overall Aim: To construct a clinical medical image scales (10 images in scale) Objectives: To construct a 10 point scale using responses from multiple observers Use scale to find areas of confusion between observers Using...
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    Why would an attribute in a data set not be included in a generated decision tree?

    Say I have a data set of customers with information such as bank account, age, telephone, credit history, emplyoment, etc... How could when I used RapidMiner, that some attributes are not in the generated decision tree such as telephone or age? What could be the verious reasons for this?
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    [RapidMiner] Decision Tree Parameters in RapidMiner

    Hello I was wondering if somebody would kindly explain to me the different parameters I can use on a standard decision tree. By parameters I mean the following: Criterion, minimal size for split, minimal leaf size, minimal gain, maximal depth, confidence. How would I determine what those...
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    [Enterprise Miner] Simulating C4.5 algorithm using Decision Tree node.

    Hi, In SAS Enterprise Miner 6.2 it's possible to approximate CHAID and CART methods using Decision Tree node, according to SAS Help, but there is nothing about C4.5 algorithm. How can I mimic C4.5 algorithm using Decision Tree node? I would be grateful for any help.