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    Problems with estimating the growth of a population.

    Hello to all, and many thanks for reading. I'm currently faced with a problem that, quite frankly, is driving me insane. I'm trying to calculate an estimate, for each decade between 1800 and 2019, of the number of German-descent population in North America (Canada and the U.S.). I came up with...
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    How do I analyse this limited data? It is probably obvious but I have gone blank

    I have a job interview where I need to present the main findings of some data but I am struggling to perform a data analysis on it. They have only given us the average but not the raw data so I cannot perform an ANOVA to see if there is a significant difference between the groups. How can I...
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    How to segment customers by demographic data to maximize profit?

    I have a data set with profit for each customer (in some cases it is negative) as well as various demographic categorical variables (gender, age brackets, income brackets, type of education etc.). How can I find which segments were most profitable?
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    historical demographics from Census schedules - how to compare? what test to use?

    I have 1900 Census schedule sheets for several boarding schools. Ive gone through the trouble of transcribing the schedule sheets into a database, recording age, gender, race and place of birth of the students at each of the school. I want to compare each of the schools data to a model that I...
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    Demographics adjustment for combined counts

    Hello! My unit of observation was cities within a county. Since asthma counts were too small for each city, I decided to combine counts from various cities by a binary variable (all 'yes' cities combined and 'no' cities combined). How can I then adjust for demographic variables, such as age...
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    Accounting for demographics when outcome is rates

    Hello, I've been reading some public health papers and they account for demographic factors such as age, gender, and race in regression models (poisson/negative binomial) where the outcome is daily/monthly rates. Considering that the demographic factors are at the individual level and rates...
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    Hi, I am a bit confused as to which variables should I include in the factor analysis. I have a huge questionnaire which i know i definitely should include to find the factors but im not sure whether I should include the demographics? Thank you in advance! Astero
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    Comparing small sample to large population using ANOVA

    Hi, I have a problem I was hoping to get some help with. I am trying to evaluate the impact of an after school program on GPA, Discipline offenses, and attendance for a school district. The district has provided me with the quarterly data for each of the DVs, as well as whether or not a...