descriptive analysis

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    how to determine ?

    My dependent variable is depression level. Can i know how to determine the amount of female and male that belong to a certain category of depression?
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    Can I compare results from 5 point likert scale to results from 4 point likert scale?

    Can I compare mean (descriptive analysis) from 5 point likert scale to a mean of 4 point likert scale? Results from 5 point likert scale: M: 3.34 (SD: .80) Results from 4 point likert scale: M: 2.18 (SD .44) I want to compare these results, is that possible? Thanks in advance,
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    Likert Scale - Not Applicable Option

    I have the following scales: 1 (Strongly Disagree); 2 (Disagree); 3 (Not Applicable); 4 (Agree); 5 (Strongly Agree); Questionnaire responses: Question Item1: 2; Question Item2: 3; Question Item3: 1; Question Item4: 1; Question Item5: 4; If I need to average the above responses...
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    Is non-parametric test necessary for independent Likert-type items?

    Hi everyone I am having a difficulty in extending my survey analysis containing Likert-type item/questionnaires. I'll try my best to give a detailed overview of how my findings and analysis have been doing up to this point. The purpose of my survey is to determine the most important signage...