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    Adverse drug reaction; multiple drugs, possible event(s) per patient. What analysis?

    Hello everyone, I am currently looking for the right method to compare the incidences of a given adverse drug reaction (infection) after the exposure to four different drugs (combinations are also possible) in an observational study. Some patients can function as a case and control (after...
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    Design effects (or variances) of sampling methods?

    Where I can find comparison of variances (or design effect) of different sampling methods? Same population, same sample size: I want to know which one has smaller variance than other; in simple random sampling, systematic sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling and so on.
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    [Statistical Assumptions] Do elite samples violate assumptions?

    If you have millions of dollars, please respond. Thanks for your attention & feedback.
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    Analyzing carryover effects

    Hey There, I am a graduate student, currently working on my Master’s thesis. I am attempting to analyze differential carryover effects for a within-subjects design. I have three conditions, counterbalanced of course, and I would like to see how early exposure to one or two conditions affects...
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    Biomedical experiment design

    Hi, In one of my Biomedical Engineering lab courses, I have to design a data analysis methodology to statistically prove the identity of an unknown neurotransmitter solution using an earthworm crop/gizzard (basically a piece of smooth muscle that reacts to different neurotransmitters...