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    Interpretation of r and r^2

    I am doing regression analysis on two stocks. The correlation coefficient is -0.7190 and the coefficient of determination is 0.5170. I am confused on how to interpret this. Is this correct...when stock A goes up 1%, 50% of the time stock B will go down 0.72%?
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    regression model, coefficient of determination, sufficient evidence, Durbin-Watson,

    topics:regression model, coefficient of determination, sufficient evidence, Durbin-Watson, autocorrelation heteroskedaticity and multicollinearity Hi, i am almost graduating from csula, i just need a little help. I was able to do the first half of my take home final by searching online...
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    Tricky question: obtain r2 from a sample of 10 observations...that are unknown.

    OK, I've been trying to figure this problem out for 2 whole days... its tough, at least to me, and its driving me crazy! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. From a sample of 10 observations, the following results were obtained: sum(Yi)=1110 sum(Xi)=1700 sum(XiYi)=205500...
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    Help with total, explained, unexplained variation and other stat stuff.

    I'm not sure what the total variation, explained variation and the unexplained variation mean. Given a group of data (x,y) how would I calculate? Also, what are the coefficient of determination and the standard error of the estimate? How are they calculated? Please explain. This part is...