dichotomous dv

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    Power analysis for GEE

    I am designing a study that would require using GEE (generalized estimating equations) to analyze repeated measures of a dichotomous variable. Is there a way to estimate the sample size required for this analysis? Thank you!
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    How to analyze dichotomous DV with between- and within-subjects factors?

    Hello everybody, I am designing a study and need to make sure I'll be able to analyze the data (or else I will modify the design). For the analysis, I would have a dichotomous dependent variable (correct/incorrect) and 3 factors. One of the factors is age group, a between-subjects factor with...
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    Mcnemar's test for dichotomous IV vs. dichotomous DV: how pertinent is it?

    I intend to study the effect of a given psychological intervention (dichotomous independent variable) on the compliance of a medical treatment (dichotomous dependent variable). For this purpose, the compliance of a number of patients will be “measured” in two different moments (say M1 and M2)...
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    Dichotomous DV and 3 points of measurement per condition within each subject

    I have been reading a lot on this site and I think I am going to analyze my data using a mixed model ANOVA- random effect= subject and 2 fixed effects- comparison and pricing (each have 2 levels). All of my subjects were in all 4 conditions (a cross between the 2 factors) and answered 3 items in...
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    How do I enter the data and which tests should I use in SPSS? Am very lost!

    Hi everyone, Parts of my question may seem rudimentary but the more I read, the more confused I get so I am going to completely spell out my experiment. In my study, I have created 4 conditions by crossing 2 factors- 1) comparison type 2) pricing. Each have 2 levels. My questionnaire had...
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    T test for different groups over time

    Hi all, I know that paired t-tests are appropriate for the same group of people at several points in time while independent t-tests are for 2 different groups of persons. But what about when it is a combination of both (ie: looking at different people overtime?) 1) I want to compare 2...
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    looking for interaction with logistic regression with dichotomous DV

    marginally significant regression, only interested in significant interaction Hi, I'm looking at my data for a 2x2 design with a dichotomous DV. Specifically, I want to know whether there's an interaction--I don't care about main effects. I ran a logistic regression in Stata (logit) with...