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    Dice Rolls and the Environment

    So, I am an AP Stats student and our teacher just explained that dice rolls that hit something are not going to produce uniform results when you include dice rolls that hit an object or land on the floor because these change the outcome of the roll. Now, I trust her, as our school produces some...
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    Rolling a die 600 times

    So I was given a question that states that "A gambler buys a new die and throws it 600 times. Assuming the die is unbiased, estimate the probability that he obtains between 90 and 100 "sixes". What might he conclude if he were to have obtained 120 "sixes"?" A few people in my class suggested...
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    Possible outcome for an infinite number of rolls of a die

    Suppose the following: I have a die with 10 faces. 9 faces say 'lose' and 1 face says 'win'. I repeatedly roll the die forever (i.e. an infinite number of rolls). Is it guaranteed that at some point between now and infinity, the number of times the die has landed on the 'win' face, will...
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    Throwing a die 7 times

    Hello, my problem is as follows: Throw a die 7 times. i) What is the probability that you get number 6 twice and all other numbers (1,2,3,4,5) once. (e.g. one possible set of outcomes would be 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) ii) What is the probability that you get all the numbers of a die...