dimension reduction

  1. S

    Is it logical to perform PCA and reduction on observations instead of features?

    I am currently working with a set of code called GPMSA that was published by LANL. The code serves to create a Gaussian process model of some simulator and perform regression with experimental data. I am working to understand everything but there is something that is confusing me. PCA is...
  2. zstatman

    Perceptual Map using binary outcomes

    I have 10 classes of drugs and within each there are a series of characteristics, e.g., color, aroma, strength and then for each the respondent notes if wanted or not, a binary response and need to display a response map by drug thus 10 maps. The data received looks like this for each drug (Yup...
  3. A

    Comparing PCA to multiple regression.

    Dear all, I would appreciate any help on this question. I have been asked to compare the results of PCA to multiple regression. I ve been given 10 variables. For the PCA, i am expected to regress the 3 components that result after the dimension reduction process, and for the multiple...