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    Should I consider this variable continuous or discrete?

    Hi everyone. I'm working on a dataset in which there are n = 24 observation on subjects, tested for physical resistance. The goal is to evaluate the burnt calories (first variable) based on the body mass in kilos (second variable) and the work level (third variable). The column of the variable...
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    Continuous or Discrete Variable?

    Hello, Would the average daily subscriber count for a YouTube channel be considered continuous or discrete data? For instance, a YouTube channel gains 100 subscribers on average per day or it can lose 100 subscribers on average per day. Is this discrete or continuous? I believe it to be...
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    Proability of failure

    Hello, I have a date set (n=150) with 2 variables: contract value ($) and a binary variables success/failures that indicate whether the contract was completed without problems. I want to know, for a given contract value, the probability of failure. I decided to create a basic histogram with my...
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    emperical rule

    does anyone understand this question? Thanks in advance!
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    Create bell curve with a discrete variable

    Hello everyone, I like stats but I must warn you that I am far from an expert so please forgive me if my question is a bit basic :). My issue is the following: I ran a simple randomized experiment on a population of 151,173 users. The users were exposed to a display banner on the internet...
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    Moment Generating Functions

    The discrete random variable X has probability function p(x)=4/(5^X+1) X=0, 1, 2,... Derive the MGF of X and use it to find E(X) and V(X). I have managed to get this far: Mx(t) = Σ(e^tX)(4/(5^X+1)) e^(tX) = 1 + tX + (t^2/2!)X^2 + (t^3/3!)X^3 + ... So Mx(t) = Σ(4/(5^X+1)) +...
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    Multiple Regression with Discrete and Continuous data in Excel

    Hi, I've got lots of rows of data in Excel (around 3,500), and multiple variables. 1 of my variables is continuous (company revenues) 1 of my variables is a Yes or No 3 of my variables have a few (3-5) discrete options The output is money (continuous). I'm trying to use Excel to find...
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    Discrete time series analysis

    Hello everybody, Well, as student I'm working this last year on my bachelor proof. The subject I'd chosen is discrete (integer) valued time series analysis. Does anybody know sth about this? Cause I got a question concerning the paper of P.A.W Lewis and P.A. Jacobs 'discrete time series...
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    regression analysis

    hi. i need advise on how to do regression analysis with a discrete dependent variable and a number of dichotomous and continuous independent variables. What approach/statistical analysis should I do? Do I perform a single multiple regression model? Is there a better alternative to this...
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    discrete distribution help!(elementry)

    the question: A basketball player has an established practice routine. He does not leave the gym until he has made 5 free throws in a row. the prob that he makes a free throw is 0.85. What is the probability that he leaves after a total of 10 free throws? My attempt at the question...
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    predicting discrete variable (age) from continuous data and transformations

    Hi, i have data on age (years) and a continuous variable (weight for example). I want o predict the age using a linear regression. However, i understand that age is discrete and therefore may not be directly used. So i log transformed both the age and the weight but now i checked the residuals...
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    Multiple Regression and type of DV

    I supposedly have to conduct a Multiple Regression where the DV must be continuous (isn't it?). My DV is called Job Performance = supervisor ratings of employee performance. Scores range from 1= very poor performance to 10= very excellent performance. Is this a discrete variable? Or can I...