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    similarity between two random variables

    There have two random variables, each of which is of five dimension. One random variable tracks the data collected from one device. The other random variable represents the data collected from another device. I would like to see whether these two devices are replaceable with each other by...
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    Confused which test would help me

    Hello! I have a problem with defining what method I should use. I have two groups in my data file. One is control group, the other one was treated with drugs. Besides that all items (they're nerve cell) have two variable: length and width. I created a scatter plot placing length on the...
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    Calculating distance with coordinates

    Hi everybody, I am working on my thesis at the moment and I need to calculate the distance between coördinates written out in decimal degrees (e.g. 37,43 lat and 122,47 long). I have already tried downloading the python essentials to use the extendedTransforms.py module but I cannot seem to...
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    Correlation of Distances

    I am trying to measure geometrical similarities of given two time-course data. Each of two time course data measures independently something changing over time. Suppose counting how many ice-creams are sold every day in August and measuring temperature every day. Both the number of ice-creams...
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    Multivariate probability density and distance... help!!

    Hi all. I'm far from a stats connoisseur, and will probably use all the wrong words and describe my problem poorly. But I've got to figure it out and literally any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I've got a set of observations, each consisting of seven two-dimensional...
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    Spatial distribution of points

    Hi, I'm working on spatial distribution of points (being location of volcanoes). I found so far a linear correlation between the mean distance between nearest neighbours and the density in a semi-log plot. I'm looking for ideas and ways to study these fields of points/volcanoes. Cheers...
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    How to use a Distance Matrix as an Independent Variable?

    Hello, Let's say I have 100 locations. I know the distance between each location (i.e. distance matrix). How can I use the distance matrix (or some derivative) as an independent variable to access significance (if any) with the dependent/response variable(s)? Any ideas? Thanks,