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    Multinomial probabilty

    Hi, Could anyone suggest what test should I apply in the case I have probabilities of 0. For example, I have a vector of counts 127,2,1,0 and I want to test if this vector fits one of the following probabilities (for example) p1=1,0,0,0 ; p2=0.75,0.25,0,0; p3=0.5,0.25,0.25,0 At first I...
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    Can you give me some references?

    I need the derivation of the parameters of distributions including: Gumbel, Weibal, Lognormal and Gamma with both method of moments and maximum likelihood methods. Can you introduce me some references for the full derivation? If you are referencing book I appreciate if you can do more than one...
  3. A

    sum of truncated Normal Variables

    Hello all, I am trying to find if there exists a closed solution for the following: X~N(u,var) {normal dist) Y~N((u,var)|Y>a) {truncated normal dist} Z1=X+Y Is Z distribution is known? Thanks, Alon
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    discrete distribution help!(elementry)

    the question: A basketball player has an established practice routine. He does not leave the gym until he has made 5 free throws in a row. the prob that he makes a free throw is 0.85. What is the probability that he leaves after a total of 10 free throws? My attempt at the question...