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    Create a dummy conditional on two other variables

    Hello there, I have data on European Union membership in the form of a dummy variable were eu_o = Origin is a member, eu_d=Destination is a member. I want to create another dummy variable that takes the value of 1 if both eu_o=eu_d=1. Is there a command to do this?
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    can I use year dummies in mlogit (Stata) if I have time-varying independent variables

    Hi, I am trying to run an mlogit some panel-data in Stata. I know that gllamm is recommended. I was also given the advice to cluster by my caseid variable, and to include year dummies to control for any unobserved time-effects. Curious if this is a legitimate piece of advice? I am trying to...
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    Help - Moderation with dummies in Cox Regression

    Hi, I am currently working on my masters thesis. I am testing how team change following an acquisition affects the survival of the acquisition itself (expecting a negative effect) and to do so I am using a Cox survival analysis. I have 2 moderators which a are 1/0 dummies, one is...
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    Logistic Regression interaction effect between 2 categorical variables

    Hi all, I am conducting a logistic regression on whether participants 1=have a mammogram before 40 years old and 0=have a mammogram at 40 +. The two major predictors of this DV is having a family history of breast cancer and having symptoms. However after controlling for these two major...
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    Fixed effects and SPSS

    Hi all, For my bachelor thesis I have to calculate the sum of some betas (betas of x1, x2, and x3) of a linear regression model with fixed effects using SPSS 19 (STATA is only used in master degree). It is the following model: y = x1 + x2 + ... + x6 + time dummies + fixed bank effects y...
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    Include dummy variables (time series) for industries

    Hi all, I have a question about including dummy variables in mijn analysis for master thesis. In my analysis I investigate the relationship between a couple of macro-economic indicators (GDP, unemployement, inflation) and valuation multiples of companies/industries in the DJSTOXX600 (f.e...
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    question about time fixed effects model

    Dear all, I am running an OLS model in Stata and one of the explanatory variables is the interaction between another explanatory variable and time dummies. My question is: if I want to run an OLS with time fixed effects is it enough to run the usual OLS with that interaction variable (because...