1. S

    Probit, Logit and LPM - Marginal Effect

    Hi I am trying to learn about regressions with binary as the dependent variable. I have tried to figure out something but has gotten a little bit lost in my interpretation. Would someone please check if this is correct? With Probit and Logit Models, we only interpret the coefficients as...
  2. S

    Uncovered interest rate parity

    Hi all I have to proof that the uncovered interest rate parity is hold if c_2(s)=E_1[c_2]. The two first order conditions are given as: Then I simpliefied this: I think, if the Cov-Term equals zero, the UIP is fullfilled. Could it be that the Cov-Term is zero, since our...
  3. T

    Remove the effect of milk price on milk production data

    I have monthly milk production data. Milk production is driven by price, weather, and many other factors. I am studying the effect of weather on-farm milk levels. I have found prices and policies have also played a vital role in lower milk levels. Before analyzing the data for the effect of...
  4. F

    Solving an autoregressive equation

    Hi, has anyone an idea how to solve this equation: y_t - y_t-1 = c + delta*t + phi*y_t-1 + eps_t I would be super grateful if anyone could help. Cheers!
  5. K

    Hypothesis test for the difference of two means, should I consider annualized or monthly returns?

    I have 10 years monthly returns. I calculated annualized return multiplying the mean return over the period for 12. Then I calculated the excess returns as difference between the annualized mean return and the benchmark annualized mean return (no risk correction). Annualized standard deviations...
  6. H

    Difference-in-differences in Health Economics Research

    Hi, I'm doing a difference-in-differences analysis of a health policy intervention. Health clinics are paid for the percentage of eligible patients who they give the right treatment to. The clinics are measured/paid separately for each type of treatment indicator. One year, some of the...
  7. E

    Help interpreting my OLS results, hypothesis

    Hi statistics ppl! I am happy to join the forum. I am doing my thesis atm and I would like someone to help me interpret my model results. I have performed both pooled OLS and RE. The RE estimates are more significant, although not in accordance with hypothesis., I submit just my baseline OLS...
  8. E

    Calculating F-Value in multiple regression model

    Dear all, I am currently studying for my exam econometrics and i cant find a formula on how to calculate an F value. This is the question: Suppose someone is interested in the relationship between the UK real consumption growth (∆Ct), real income growth (∆Yt) and the growth in real investment...
  9. K

    Economics - Instrumental Variable: Does including past values of regressors into the IV cause exogeneity assumption to fail?

    Setup: Annual panel of 125 countries. I am interested in the effect of x on y. As an instrument z I use an interaction of the variables gamma and delta. gamma fulfils the conditions of relevance and exogeneity. delta is the country’s propensity to receive x, which is an indicator variable based...
  10. R

    predictor and instrument in IV

    I have data about a certain trait X for a small sample of countries and I'm interested in the relationship of X on income per capita Y. I also have a strong predictor Z of X. I have data of Z for a large number of countries so I used it to predict X for all the countries then I regressed Y on...
  11. helgasaraswati

    Data Panel In R Commander

    Here is an example of three different methods (fixed effects, random effects) for analyzing Models in R Commander
  12. B

    Guidance for using propensity score matching in R

    I am new to programming as well as econometrics and would like to ask some guidance for learning. I am planning to calculate the effectiveness of a public works scheme in country A. By effectiveness I mean the rate of success by which participants were able to return to the open labour market...
  13. A

    Derivation of an equation of Influential Analysis in OLS

    Hi to everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm very pleased for the existence of this forum, since the fact that forums in these times are in decay. I'm not a native English speaker so I ask for a little of patience lol I'm studying Ordinary Least Squares, and in the section of Influential...
  14. A

    How to run AIC and Logit on Panel Data?

    I've data for 10 banks over a period of last 10 years. I've financial ratios for each bank corresponding to each financial year. There are 20 such ratios. I would like to run AIC on these ratios to find 7 or 8 most significant ratios and then run binary logit on the panel data of these...
  15. R

    Difference between a VAR and a VECM

    Hello, I am performing cointegration analysis using Eviews and the DOLS estimator in the cointegrating equation. After saving the residuals of this equation (they are stationary then the variables are cointegrated), I estimated the short run equation including the lagged error term, one lag...
  16. D


    I am using the Breusch-Godfrey for autocorrelation, but I dont know how many lags should I use? I am testing seasonality of funds returns with the following OLS model: Rt=B0+B1Dmt+Ut Rt is the return on funds; B0 is the intercept; Dmt is the dummy variable. The value 1 corresponding to...
  17. D

    Newey West autocorrelation

    May I use Newey West procedures when exists only autocorrelation? or I just can use Newey West when exists both autocorrelation and heteroscedasticity? Any feedback you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
  18. L

    Finite mixture bivariate probit model

    Hello, all, I would like to model my data using a bivariate probit model but would like to explain unobserved heterogeneity of the coefficients in the model using finite mixture. That is, I would like to explain the characteristics of the segments (sub groups) when I estimate my bivariate...