1. M

    Who will win the electoral college?

    There are 8 toss up states. The distribution of electoral votes of those states are: 29 18 13 10 9 6 6 4 One candidate requires 33 electoral votes. The other requires 64. What are the chances that either candidate will get it. I tried using this equation but dont think my math adds...
  2. Quadrapolis

    Target Mrgn of Vic with % of votes remaining in election: Is this a Hypergeom. Dist.?

    Thank you a million for any help you might be able to provide. I've been plugging away at this on and off for a couple weeks now. I'm not well-versed in probability and statistics, but I learn as I go. I've attached a couple of Excel spreadsheets. The first is a spreadsheet I built to try to...
  3. J

    Multiple dependent proportions problem - Election

    Hello, I have spent a few hours trying to untangle this problem by my knowledge of statistics appears to be too limited for me to come to a solution. I hope you can help me with this. I've tried computing the margin of error for each proportion, but I can't figure out how to deal with all...