1. P

    Does endogeneity affect the R-squared estimated in variance partitioning?

    Hi, I have a likely very simple question but I can’t get my head around the answer. I want to estimate which part of the variance in a firm's return on asset (ROA) can be attributed to year effects, industry effects, firm effects and finally CEO effects. I run an OLS regression to which I...
  2. B

    Is the mean and its standard deviation endogenous??

    I would like to know if the mean of a variable is endogenous with its standard deviation? I have a variable called a expected return (ER), its standard deviation I called the Risk. In the regression ER= a+bRisk.... I got comments that since you recovered the risk from ER, it is a problem of...
  3. kiton

    Instrumental variable approach in case of interacting endogenous predictors

    Hello dear forum members, Suppose I have the following model: y = a + x1 + x2 + z1 + z2 + z1*z2, where y is exponential, x1-x2 are controls, and z1-z2 are endogenous interacting predictors of interest. Assuming I want to correct for endogeneity using IV approach, what will be the appropriate...
  4. kiton

    Instrumental variable approach to a model with squared and interaction terms

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  5. J

    Use predicted values or residuals in the second stage?

    Hello all: I have a panel dataset (firms) in which some variables are "choice" variables (that is, they reflect executives' free choices as well as objective characteristics of the firms that may affect those choices). Therefore, in the first stage, I regress the "choice" variables on other...
  6. kiton

    Correcting for endogeneity a panel count model with interactions using IV approach

    Hello dear forum members, My study examines the impact of online (a) reputational status, and (b) reviews on physicians’ performance, as proxied with new patient referrals (non-negative over-dispersed counts). In case of (a), to address the issue of endogeneity in the reputational status...
  7. kiton

    Adressing endogeneity in panel count models

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  8. A

    cloglog with endogenous regressors

    Howdy! I need to know how one can go about instrumenting endogenous regressors in a cloglog estimation in Stata. I don't see any cloglog options that look like they could do this. Many thanks.
  9. M

    2-stage Heckman instrumental variable estimation

    Hi Guys, I am working on my thesis. My main regression model is the following: (1) Y=x1*Payment+x2*Country+x3*Industry..... All independent variables are dummy/binary variables. In a next step I divide my sample and construct the following two regression: (2) Y=x2*Country+x3*Industry... =>...
  10. T

    Endogenous variable

    Hi, I am implementing a two-stage OLS regression to account for the endogeneity of a variable. My instruments are time invariant. However, the second-stage regression requires yearly dummy variables. Would it be possible to include the year dummies in the second stage model but exclude them...
  11. H

    using Hausman test for endogeneity to assess SEM model

    I've searched the internet and textbooks, but cannot find an answer to this question. Please help me out! It's a final step in my thesis. I have a SEM path model, consisting of all direct effects, and one mediator path. This mediator path is included in my SEM to control for the simultaneous...