equivalence testing

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    Calculating sample size for non-inferiority trial using Stata cii

    Hi, can I use Stata command cii to calculate the sample size required if I want to test that fasting TG is not lower than non-fasting TG by 0.2mmol/l? Given mean=1.4, sd=0.5, 95% confidence level. What is the exact command? How do I calculate sample size if I want to test for equivalence of...
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    Best fitting model for one gold standard value ?

    Hello, trying to solve the following statistical problem in jmp: 1. I got a gold standard y (for example: y = 100) 2. I got three data sets x1,x2,x3: (for example x1=92;94;99 / x2=92;94;99;101;103 / x3=92;94;99;101;103;107;100;99;100) please note: the data sets have similar data...
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    What Test to Use to Compare Groups

    I'm looking through some data that I have collected from my patients over the past year and wanted to know what Statistical Test to use to see if a certain drug I have been giving my patients (different patients received different doses based on pain relief) affected how long it took their heart...
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    non-parametric equivalence /non-inferiority test for ratio variable?

    Good day , I'm comparing subjects' success rates in two conditions A and B. All subjects run both conditions, so the data is paired. Each subject runs say 8 trials in both conditions, with 0 or 1 as output. The outcome for each subject is the ratio variable "success rate" (from 0.0; 0.125 ...
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    How to use a meta-analysis to assess the equivalence of two different procedures?

    I'm making a comparison of two surgical procedures, and I want to know how I can analyze the data I have for a meta-analysis. The overall surgical procedure is the same, but some authors choose to modify the procedure a bit. So basically I have a large number of studies with the standard...
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    Practical significance

    The difference between two mean values is 103 units p-value is 0.00001 at alpha=0.05 95% confidence interval is (50, 150) difference of 100 units is of practical importance. Would the mean difference be practically significant for the given difference between two mean values and...
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    Equivalence testing for nonparametric data?

    does somebody know how to do equivalence testing in SPSS but the data distribution is not normal.. please help me :confused::confused: thank u so much :)