error on mean

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    Upper bound for the error on the mean for small samples.

    I have a sample of an unknown distribution for which I would like an estimate of the mean and the error on that mean. For small samples the typical way of doing this breaks down. What is a reasonable way to estimate the mean and an upper bound of the error on the mean? The error on the mean will...
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    Error on mean or standard deviation

    I have a plot which has average values on the y axis but the averages are based on only 3 samples. Should I use the standard deviation or the error on the mean for error bars? The error on the mean is obviously smaller and so looks more senible in terms of error bar size. Apologies if a...
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    Error for combining multiple binomial distributions

    Lets say we have two processes and we want to know which has a higher success rate. So we do two sets of trials. process 1 gives 53 out of 606 and process 2 gives 32 out of 595. So p1 is 0.0538 with a 95% CL of [0.0371,0.0751] p2 is 0.0875 with a 95% CL of [0.0662,0.1128] It would seem that p2...