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    Test for Multicollinearity

    Hello Talk Stats Forum! I am working on building a Predictive Model using the binary logistic regression and LASSO logistic regression. In order to apply these models on some real data set I am using R software. Before performing such a model I am testing for multicollinearity and will remove...
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    T test problem

    Dear all, Doing a t-test I got this results : 200 400 Mean 944.58333 960 Variance 402.08333 222.727273 Observations 12 12 Pooled Variance 312.4053 Hypothesized Mean...
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    Contents changed and lines shifted after copy paste

    Hello We have a Problem concerning SPSS: After copying one or several lines in our file to another place in the same file, the lines start to shift and new Content occures (like Show in the Pictures attached). Yes, we do have the newest Version, it happens with every file we have and on every...
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    Mixed Effect Model in SPSS

    I keep getting error messages:' The levels of the repeated effect are not different for each observation within a repeated subject.' Can anyone offer me some advice whether I can perform Mixed Effect Model in SPSS with my data or I have organised my data correctly? I have two groups of...
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    interesting sampling question

    I have two samples of the same population and wish to reduce the sample sizes, but maintain the same ratio of precision produced in the original samples. I suspect I can take the square root of the original sample size, but this produces very small samples. How, in short, can I scale down the...
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    Survey uncertainty with a given population proportion

    Hello! I have to estimate the uncertainty of the result of a survey where there sample size was defined to have an uncertainty of 2.76%, based on p a p value of 0.5. The 2.76% error is calculated assuming a 50% population proportion, which is a worst case scenario assumption: size...
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    Marginal effects for poisson count data model ERROR

    Hi, just as it is stated in the title, I have a problem with creating a graph of factors influencing the number of trips abroad. Can anyone help me? I would be very grateful. This is the script I use: # MARGINAL EFFECTS FOR POISSON COUNT DATA MODEL: relative_avg <- mean(relative) work_avg...
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    Error: unexpected string in constant

    Hi All, apologies for the basic question but I'm a newbie in R and I can't seem to fix this one line of code. I'm inputting; awk '$1 == "ChrA1" {print $0}' MM091AllConcat.coverage > ChrA1.coverage and getting; Error: unexpected string constant in "awk '$1 == "ChrA1" {print $0}' "...
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    Analysis on R

    Hi there, I began using R last week and... It drives me crazy! However, I'm using the package "AnalyzefMRI" and that's right, but I have some problems related to atomic vector. Here's my code: >library(AnalyzeFMRI) > fM0223_004 <- "C:/Users/IVACCHIERI/Downloads/fM00223.fM0223_004.img"...
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    Error: (2067) The Excel file is password protected. Unable to open the file.

    Hello everybody, For my study I have to use SPSS. I used an online survey tool where I had the opportunity to download the result in an Excel file. Thereafter I tried to open the file in SPSS. However, it keeps showing the error 'Error: (2067) The Excel file is password protected. Unable to...
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    Std. Error Multiple Regression Question

    Hi guys, I'm stuck at interpreting the stadard error. In single regression it's clear, it's just the average distance from the line. But I don't really understand what this looks like in multiple regression. Does the standart error depend on the estimate or do I have to look at it in an...
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    Created a function that works fine but when asked to operate on its output it fails

    Hello, I have an assignment that requires me to create a function that calculates the correlations between two columns of 332 csv files based on my input. In short, what it does is find correlations between two columns of only the files that have either the same or more of complete cases as...
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    Calculating forecast error for a long-term volatility forecast

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the forecast standard error for a long-term volatility forecast of a time series. I am simply using the unbiased estimator of the historical volatility of the time series as my forecast. The historical time series is monthly frequency with approximately 360 data...
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    STATA returns R(603) - IRF cannot be opened- after running a SVAR

    Dear talkstats users, I am trying to create IRFs after running a VAR - SVAR. The code is the following: matrix A = (1,0,0,0\.,1,0,0\.,.,1,0\.,.,.,1) matrix B = (.,0,0,0\0,.,0,0\0,0,.,0\0,0,0,.) svar doilp dmsciw debitda dstkp, aeq(A) beq(B) vargranger matrix Aest = e(A) matrix Best =...
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    Error band for calibration correction of an instrument

    I apologize if this is the wrong area to post this. It seems like it could fall into a couple different areas. I have a question about calculating the expected error around a calibration curve for an instrument. I have a calibration curve for a load cell. It was measured at a few different...
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    Confirmatory factor analysis error message

    Hi, I'm new to R and I'm attempting to run a CFA model using the lavaan package. So far I have imported my data from SPSS and specified my model and I am now try to fit the model and am getting an error message (please see below syntax and error message) > SCS.model <- 'rank =~ SCS001 +...
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    Error message in R Studio.. help!!! anyone

    Error in csDensity(genes(cuff_data)) : error in evaluating the argument 'object' in selecting a method for function 'csDensity': Error in genes(cuff_data) : error in evaluating the argument 'object' in selecting a method for function 'genes': Error: object 'cuff_data' not found:(
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    quick stats question(standard error), please help!

    Suppose after performing a random experiment, it comes out that exactly 3 out of 20 to 30 year old males are shorter than 5.5 feet. consider the proportion of people in the sample that are shorter than 5.5 feet. What is the standard error of this sample proportion?
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    Help for drawing linear trend with lm or abline.

    Hi, I am a complete newbee in R, and I have a problem with linear trend fitting. My data is daily financial data for around 4 years. The financial year is 260 days (5 days a week) so the total amount of data is 913. For the simplicity, the data is only one cloumb with 913 data and with one...
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    Errors Using Selected Cases Filter for ANOVA + Post Hoc

    Hello guys, I'm a freshman here, but i need a help. I need to run a ANOVA + Post Hoc test using filters by "select cases" tool but it's not working I already used the 6 generated filters trying an ANOVA as fixed factors and with one dependent variabble "Price", but the errors are...