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    quick stats question(standard error), please help!

    Suppose after performing a random experiment, it comes out that exactly 3 out of 20 to 30 year old males are shorter than 5.5 feet. consider the proportion of people in the sample that are shorter than 5.5 feet. What is the standard error of this sample proportion?
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    Help for drawing linear trend with lm or abline.

    Hi, I am a complete newbee in R, and I have a problem with linear trend fitting. My data is daily financial data for around 4 years. The financial year is 260 days (5 days a week) so the total amount of data is 913. For the simplicity, the data is only one cloumb with 913 data and with one...
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    Errors Using Selected Cases Filter for ANOVA + Post Hoc

    Hello guys, I'm a freshman here, but i need a help. I need to run a ANOVA + Post Hoc test using filters by "select cases" tool but it's not working I already used the 6 generated filters trying an ANOVA as fixed factors and with one dependent variabble "Price", but the errors are...
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    Moving average with replicate X values

    Hello, I would like to calculate the moving average and confidence intervals of time series data. Alternatively, use a smoothing function (like loess). For some years I have upwards of 15 data points, for some years I have none. I cannot figure out a way to calculate a moving average when...
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    AMOS: Error modelling censored data ("no model has been specified")

    Hi all, This is my first experience with censored data in AMOS. I'm getting this set of messages when I try to make Bayesian estimation: Message 1: Error: no model has been specified Message 2: The value, 0,65, of the variable, var.1, can\t be interpreted Message 3: Bayesian estimation...
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    AMOS - Confirmatory factor analysis - why the zero's on my error terms?

    Morning, I am trying to complete a confirmatory factor analysis in AMOS (255 subjects, 57 variables, 3 factors). I understand why AMOS automatically sets the regression weights of error terms to 1, however I am not sure what the zeros appearing above every error term are (a 0 with a small 1 to...
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    Primer Bad Numbers

    Hello. I am a primer newbie and have been given a data set to analyse, and told to do so in primer, have tried to put it in the right format but obviously got it wrong.:confused: Any time I try and add some of the worksheets to primer I get "Bad number Row 3 Column 3" I cannot figure out how to...
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    Error in creating a raster stack - any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

    Hi I am trying to create a raster stack of several ASCII files for an environmental variable. This is what I have done so far: >files <- list.files(path=paste(system.file(package="dismo"), '/temperature', sep=''), pattern='asc', full.names=TRUE ) >files #gives me a list of the files...
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    Keep IDs - "too many literals" error

    Hey guys, I want to keep only certain sample of my population based on agency_id. My try was keep if agency_id==1 | agency_id==2 |agency_id==3|agency_id==4|agency_id==5. The list it is pretty big 93 IDs. when I run this, I got an error message "too many literals". How can I solve this...
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    nls error says "singular gradient"

    I cannot get this code to work and I'm sure there is a very simple solution i<-seq(1,length(rhino[,2])-1) j<-seq(2,length(rhino[,2]),1) Increase=c((Population[j]-Population[i])/Population[i]) Years<-c(Year[j]-Year[i]) Years2<-c(0,Population[j]-1960) # Cumulative Years...
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    Creating new variable from coefficients

    Hi I'm new to stata so just bear with me. I'm doing a VAR using inflation as my dependent variable and exchange rate as an independent variable (amongst others). I would like to create a new variable from the coefficient on "exchange rate" so that I can run a seperate regression with it...
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    Data clustering, error and closness formula lemma

    I need to know how error and closeness formulas, attached in file are formed or what is the significance of these formulas?
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    3 Arm Study: Categorical Data needs a P-Value!

    Hi, I conducted a 3 arm study and now I am trying to find signficance/lack of signififance. Some data I gathered, such as age was easy to calculate via ANOVA tests. But now I have smoe categorical data that neds to be analyzed. For example, I examined the quality of my procedure and it was...
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    Beginner Question- MANOVA error in R

    Hi, I have repeatedly tried to conduct a MANOVA in R but my output keeps returning "no error degrees of freedom". I have three plots each with multiple sample sites, with each sample site sampled 3 times (over 3years). I wish to compare the plots with each but also for differences in each plot...
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    difficulty loading an ado file - please help

    Dear TalkStats/Stata, I am using STATA version 12.1 IC. I am trying to use a program defined in a third-party ado file (downloaded from here: direct...
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    Uncertainty Analysis

    Hey guys. So I have a very broad, general question. I am fresh out of school and working my first job. I have been given a dataset and the regression model that was fitted by a previous employer (using R). I am told to perform and write a report on an uncertainty analysis. Frankly, I'm not sure...
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    Model not running when using lme4 - "Error: unexpected symbol..." message returned

    Hi all, I have been attempting to run the following model in the lme4 package in R. mod1<-glmer(perc~treatment+region+stage+treatment*stage+region*stage+(tub+aquarium), weights=no start, family=binomial, data=data) But continue to receive the following error message: >...
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    Error performing Logistic Regression

    Hi wonder if anyone can help me? I am currently doing my dissertation and studying fear of crime comparing victims and gender. I performed an ANOVA for my first part as I had another DV which was physiological from a galvanic skin response. My other DV was my fear of crime scale which...
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    SPSS error 12005 manova

    I have been having problems with SPSS. When I try to run a data set it says: >Error # 12005 in column 14. Text: -4 >A parenthesized value range in the MANOVA procedure contains a lower limit >(the first value) that is greater than the upper limit (the second value). >Execution of this command...
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    HELP - very strange error in my values

    I was attempting a post hoc test after running a manova in spss and it would not run because "one group has fewer than two cases". Before I go further, let me make it clear that this is incorrect. In the Between-Subjects Factors table, my values are listed as follows: Identity: 1...