1. R

    Exp(B) or CI values with the letter "E"

    Dear all, I am running a Multinomial Log. Regression. Everything seems fine but I do not understand when Exp(B) oder CI values are like 1,000E-013. I see this result although, the goodness of fit of the overall model is appropriate. For example in: B=-107,4, p=0,031 Exp(B)=1,000E-13...
  2. L

    negative binomial regression coefficients and exp(b)

    Thank you so much anyone... I have the results of a negative binomial where the DV is the log count of meals obtained. I have continuous predictors and I have my DV back logged, i.e., exp(b) with CIs for easier interpretation in my paper. The thing is... I am not easily interpreting my exp(b)...