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    URGENT: Factor Analysis

    Hi All, I have a basic factor analysis question. Is there any way you can/should combine the factors you get from a factor analysis output. I realize the correlation between the factors is zero, but I just wanted to check if there is any such known method. Thanks!
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    PCA Analysis - Factor Analysis gave only 1 column?! Need to do a scatterplot!

    I am conducting a PCA on my dataset which has four scale variables (duration, %, rate 1, and rate 2) to see if they contribute to a single component. I conducted a factor analysis and it created only one column. When I have conducted PCA before, I have been given two columns by which I was able...
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    Factor analysis

    Dear members, I have 20 questions (Likert 5-point), ultimately I want one variable: "affect". So I ran a factoranalysis, which gives me 4 components (rotated Varimax). Do I have to choose one of those components as my variable "affect", or can I combine those 4 components into one variable...
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    What analysis do IQ tests use?

    I can't find anywhere what statistical analysis IQ tests (like Weschler scales, BAS, etc.) use. It is not stated in any of their material (that I can find at least). I've heard it mentioned that PCA and/or hierarchical factor analysis are used? I know historically some type of factor...
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    3 experiments and the same 3 scales as DV - run Factorial Analysis together or sep

    Hi! I realized three experiments (varying only the marketing context) and used as dependent variables the same three scales (attitude, purchase intention and experience). I carry out the exploratory factor analysis for each of the three experiments or perform only once for all experiments...
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    Problems with confirmatory factor analysis in R

    I am trying to teach myself confirmatory factor analysis by working through examples in a textbook. The textbook only contains syntax for LISREL or SAS but I'm trying to learn it with R. When I estimate models without any equality constraints or correlated errors, I get the exact same output as...
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    Conducting Factor Analysis on Data with Nominal, Ordinal, and Interval Data

    I would advice on conducting a confirmatory factor analysis on data from an instrument that contains nominal, ordinal, and interval data. I'd think to use, e.g., point biserial, polychoric, and product-moment for each respectively, but what about when they're all in the same CFA? Other posts...
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    Discriminant Analysis? Or something else?

    Hi guys, This is my homework question. I would appreciate if i could get some idea of where i'm wrong. Determine whether the variables Smoking, Weight and Alcohol Consumption can be used to discriminate between the three diagnostic categories or levels of heart disease (0=no heart disease...
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    Finding MLE by factor analyzing the correlation matrix

    In the book "Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis" written by Johnson and Wichern, they have mentioned that the MLEs ($\hat{L_z}$) are obtained from the the correlation matrix $R$ by inserting $R$ in place of $[(n-1)/n] \times S$ (where $S$ is the sample covariance matrix) in the...
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    Understanding the “computationally convenient uniqueness condition” of factor model

    In the book "Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis" written by Johnson and Wichern, they have mentioned about a computationally convenient uniqueness condition $L^T\psi^{-1}L=\Delta$, where $\Delta$ is a diagonal matrix. Here, $L$ is the factor loadings matrix and $\psi$ is vector of...
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    Correct Procedure for analysis of Drivers

    Hello, I have some survey data which shows an effort score for interacting with a business. I am working in a programme of work tasked to reduce that effort. I want to understand (from what's available in the survey data set) what are the drivers of that effort score. This will help us...
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    Factor Analyzing Price Time Series

    Hi I have a question regarding using factor analysis for price time series (specifically, online advertising prices of various versions of ads). To build the correlation matrix for FA, would I use the raw price series, or should I be using the interval changes of that series? Thanks
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    Does ANOVA tell which group is more /less than the other , or just they are different

    I was reading a peer reviewed paper titled: (Going hybrid: An analysis of consumer purchase motivations) where the authors used factor analysis (principal factor analysis) to know dimensionality of hybrid vehicles purchase motivations. As part of the methodology section of the paper, authors...
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    This matrix is not positive definite (Factor Analysis)

    Hi, I am trying to do a Factor Analysis in SPSS, but under the Correlation Matrix it says 'determinant=0,000' and 'This matrix is not positive definite' and it won't show me the KMO and Bartlett's test. How can I fix this? I have never done a factor analysis before and I couldn't find...
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    Generating factor analysis variable output for a new sample

    There may indeed be a better way to do this, but here's my current thinking. I have a survey of 500 students at a university and have performed principal component analysis. Two factors are relevant for my research question, and I have output a score for each student so that there are now 2 new...
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    Factor Analysis / PCA with longitudinal data

    Hello, I have a problem which I'm trying to get around... I am trying to conduct a principal component analysis which compares changes in labour market regulation in the EU pre and post financial crisis. The first problem I faced was a low sample size as my sample size initially concerned just...
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    principal component analysis - right choice & interpretation

    Hi everyone, I'm kinda stuck with a problem. I am building a scoring model with 14 different factors. Here my first question: as it's not a regression, can I use a principal component analysis to narrow that down? If I can, I am also struggling with interpreting the results. I have 4...
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    Scores derived from variance specific for a factor

    Hi, I received a cooment from one of the reviewer but I do not understand what I should do. Here is short explanation of the study: This study investigated the influence of lectures about the Renaissance and abstract art on ratings of paintings from these two periods in art history. The...
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    Is only 1 item in 1 factor possible (factor analysis)

    I have three factors, of which factor 1 and 2 have several items loading on them. However, factor three has only 1 item. Is this possible or is it better to rerun the analysis and choose for only 2 factors??? In that case 2 items would not be present in any factor. I hope someone can help...
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    Choosing factors for principle components analysis

    Hello, I am running a PCA on a dataset that includes 43 water wells, each with up to five descriptive factors associated with it (temp, distance to significant location, depth, number of taxa, volume of flow). I am using XLSTAT to perform the analysis. Running the PCA with the whole...