factor analysis

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    Factor analysis - how to create a composite scale?

    Hi, I am doing a secondary analysis of the British Election study and am testing attitudinal variables (Likert scale) for their suitability in creating an attitudinal scale. I have selected 15 variables which I am testing for suitability for an Internationalism scale. Having run a “maximum...
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    Principal Component Analysis: What determines sign of variable loading?

    Hi, I have a question about how the signs of variable loadings on a component (factor) are determined in the PCA. I am studying anxiety/fear response in animals. I tested a group of animals by showing a negative stimulus and measuring their behavioural responses to the stimulus. The...
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    Confirmatory Factor Analysis: Appropriateness and interpretation

    Greetings, all! I am working on the statistics for my dissertation, and while it seems that confirmatory factor analysis fits my needs based on what I've read thus far, I am not quite sure how to run it and which software package I might need (I have heard good things about AMOS; my data is...
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    For Coca Cola project-Need help with SPSS

    I desperately need help with my project analysis. I have tried doing factor analysis on the data I have, but it shows up errors and the output is not even processing. My submission is on 28th. I have to finish factor analysis, conjoint analysis, logistic regression based on this data that I...
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    Help in installing FactorMineR

    Hello all! I was using SPSS for factor analysis and now I will have to start using R. My problems is that I cannot install the FactorMineR package. Anyone out there who has succeeded? I followed the guidelines shown here http://factominer.free.fr/ but R freezes and I get a message that the...
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    Factor Analysis: How many times to drop/repeat?

    In running factor analysis, all of the descriptions I've seen say to drop the variables without adequate loadings and re-run the analysis. Should this only be done once, or do I repeat the process until all of the variables load on a factor? Thanks!