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    Problem with the reliability analysis and factor analysis.

    Hi, As I am working on the statistical research for my graduation, I encountered two problems; 1) I am measuring two multi-dimensional concepts, and I used a factor analysis to measure the components. One of these concepts turned out to consist of 6 components. I regrouped all items...
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    Non-positive definite matrix and second order confirmatory factor analysis

    For my research I'm using SEM to model the relation between a couple of variables. All scales have been used in a 7 point likert format and most have been validated before in other research. In my dataset however, I have my doubts whether some these scales are truly measuring different concepts...
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    HELP: Factor analysis used in personality scale

    I am struggling through this article on a personality measure scale (NEO-PI-R) : http://jenni.uchicago.edu/econ-psych-traits/CostaMcCrae1995.pdf On the article p. 27~8, they seem to be looking for specific variance for each variable, and they apparently do this by deriving specificity...