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    How would you do ? - data on trout reproduction in river

    Hello to all, I am currently studying the reproduction of brown trout (salmo trutta fario) on a French river. I have at my disposal a whole series of data that I collected myself from January to the end of May. Firstly, all the nests from 2022 have been geolocated and associated with the week of...
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    Permanova + T-test

    Hello, I have a question regarding the data analysis listed below. I am trying to run a similar study but I can't truly understand why a PERMANOVA was used. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In my study, I am comparing prey species composition, abundance, pecking rate, and swimming...
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    Time Series Data- Fish Diet

    My time series spans 13 years. There are 30-60 fish stomachs for each year of the study. Each stomach has typically 3-8 prey items inside. The prey items within the stomachs are the point of interest in this study. I have a plethora of independent variables measured from the capture of all...