fit distribution

  1. Pedro Humberto

    Can I increase the sample size by generating random numbers to apply the Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test?

    Does increasing the sample size by random number generation change the distribution? I have a sample of size 8. Each sample value represents the number of bus arrivals at a bus stop every 15 minutes. But I wanted to apply the chi-square test to verify the fitting with the Poisson distribution...
  2. M

    MLE parameter estimation error in R for Exponential Distribution

    I am doing a statistical modeling and doing right and left censoring. I have difficulty to fit my data to exponential distribution as I am getting the following error in R: the function mle failed to estimate the parameters, with the error code 100 I do not want to shift or rescale my data...
  3. K

    Fitting a distribution to data using MLE

    I have a dataset to which I'd like to fit a distribution using MLE. In the old days, I would have taken a guess and then used a KS test to see if the fit were good. I've been led to believe that modern (i.e. written in the last 10 years) can do this for me. It's been a while since I've...