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    Fixed vs. Random Effects

    I'm wondering if someone could help me to correctly identify whether certain variables should be considered fixed or random effects. Just as context, I have a dataset of people (with information about them that I know is FIXED). I have a variable indicating to which healthcare practice...
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    Bootstrapping 0.632+ AUC with fixed test sets

    Hi, I want to compare different binary classifiers in terms of their AUC values on test sets. I have data over one year with about 2000 observations each month. Now I would like to use the data in each of the last three months as separate test sets while using the months prior to a...
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    Fixed effects vs. Random Effects

    Hi we had 5 investigators 1)hand out 100 surveys and 2)record a certain feature of each of the 100 subjects. That feature that they recorded is the outcome and may be subject to the differing biases of the investigators (eg., an investigator may be too strict all of the time in their...