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    How to adjust specific tabletext font to bold?

    Hi all, I wrote a script using the "forestplot" package. I want to group the variables in certain categories, which I would like to show in bold, in order to accentuate those categories. How can i adjust my script, so that only certain rows, i.e Risk factor OR (95% CI), patient characteristics...
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    forestplot: how to fix the x-axis?

    I am using the forestplot() function, like so: tabletext <- cbind(c("Studies","Group 1 ","Group 2 ",NA,"Summary"), c("OR ","1.05 [0.90,1.20]","1.30 [1.20,1.40]",NA,"1.20 [1.10,1.30]")) m <- c(NA,0.05,0.30,NA,0.175) l <- c(NA,-0.10,0.20,NA,0.05) u <-...