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    Probability in a card game

    I play a card game called 'Yu-GiOh!'. For those who don't know how this game works, that will be separate paragraphs at the bottom of the page. I have a deck, and I'm looking for the chances of getting a specific one of these using only the starting hand. The numbers are below, (a) and (b) etc...
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    The probability that I am missing only one tile

    Background I recently became fascinated (really!) in this probability problem. I have done quite a bit of work to figure out the answer myself--which I am willing to share with anyone if that will help. But I haven't got an answer yet and I am also just wondering if there is anyone else out...
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    Game Probability Question

    Hi, I am playing a game. I win with an 88% chance and lose with 12% probability. If I have won 20 games in a row what is the probabilty that I will lose the next game. If you can figure out the answer and provide also the calculation logic that would be great. Thanks B
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    Hard probability question/game-binomial dist.

    Consider 50 people and series of 10 rooms. Each room has, for example, 5 doors that will open to the next room with known (totally known, including in later rooms), but different probabilities. Everyone begins in room 1, and each person selects a door. If that door opens, all of the people...
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    Not Homework, but need smart explanation. Trying to figure out payout of certain bet.

    There is a "money wheel" with 50 slots of dollar amounts the spinner can land on. The dollar amounts are 1$, 2$, 5$, 10$ and 20$. (The larger the dollar amount the higher the payout but less slots there are for it on the spinner therefore less likely to land on) ex. If you put one dollar on the...
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    A game with two dices

    Imagine a game with two players and referee. The referee rolls two unbiased dices: one of the dices outcome is a score and the other dice outcome is the number of times that the first dice should be rolled. For instance, if the second dice outcome is 4, then the referee will roll 4 times the...
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    Throwing a ball

    Imagine a game where you throw a ball in to a box where are three sticks; the probability of the ball to throw down one stick is 75%, two sticks is 20% and the three sticks is 5% Additionally, when you throw the ball, it passes through a random accelerating mechanism that can make the ball pass...
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    High/low between 1-10 game odds

    I'm trying to figure out the odds for a game where a number between 1 and 10 are drawn randomly, and the player must guess if the next number is higher or lower than the previous number. There can't be consecutive numbers. And to make the calculation more difficult, the player can make three...
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    Game probability problem

    Two armies of n attackers and m defenders do battle. If n=1, then there is 1 attacking die; if n=2 there are 2 attacking dice; if n \geq 3 there are 3 attacking dice. If m=1 there is 1 defending die; if m \geq 2 there are 2 defending dice. (You may recognize this as Risk, and you'd be right.)...