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    Game: multiple denominations, multiple repeating ident. cards of diff. qty's

    Problem description: Example: 51 cards, 15 different denominations, 7 have 5 identical cards each (total cards = 35), 8 have 2 identical cards (total cards = 16). if Event A requires the drawing of the following, in n cards drawn: 2 cards of denomination "yo", 2 cards of denomination...
  2. A

    Elo ratings in games

    I've just recently started getting 'into' stats, at a very basic level, but am becoming ever more curious. Another interest of mine is videogames, and the two combine quite well. My question is on the Elo ranking of players in games, especially in DoTA-style games. The ongoing discussion in...
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    Recurring Event, Probability of Totals

    Hi. I'm actually not working on homework, but trying to make odds tables for a card game called Summoner Wars to practice/learn math for fun. It's a typical dice battle game, where various characters roll varying amounts of dice to attack. For each die, if they role a 3, 4, 5, or 6, it...