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    Variable restriction in (exhaustive) model selection

    Hi all, I have a high number of variables (around 80) with which to model an intermediate-size sample (around 50 points) using GLMs. I would like to do an exhaustive search for the "best" model, but using all of the variables in an exhaustive (or semi-exhaustive, like glmulti's genetic...
  2. J

    glmulti for zero-truncated data

    Hi, I'm using glmulti to get the best glm model for zero-truncated poisson distribution, but it doesn't work. My response variable is positive count data without zero (data attached). It seems, there's error in the wrapper. I use pscl, as it can handle zero-truncated poisson distribution...
  3. M

    package glmulti: problem with wrapper function to include variable in ALL models

    Dear all, I have a question about the glmulti package. I want to include some variables in all models. To that end I applied the wrapper function as shown in the examples ( To include the variable “Geslacht” in all models: >...