goodness of fit

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    Validation of survival data / models

    Hello, I'm currently analysing a couple of survival data with parametric survival analysis (AFT and PH) in STATA 12. I'm investigating different parameters and different distribution function. To chose the best available model I'm using an information criterion such as AIC or BIC. So far so...
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    CFA and SEM goodness fit indices the same?

    I am using AMOS to fit a structural equation model. Before doing so, however, I would like to perform a confirmatory factor analysis, which I have done this by correlating the latent variables. After confirming goodness of fit (using GFI, CFI, RMSEA, etc.), I run the structural model. However...
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    Goodness-of-fit of model derived from multivariate logistic regression

    I have a question regarding the relationship between the value of Chi square and df in determining the goodness-of-fit in a model derived from multivariate logistic regression. If the N= 290, Chi square =26.57, p=0.003 in a model with 16 variables (df is not reported), can one tell if this is...
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    How to assess Goodness-of-fit

    I have fitted a set of data points to an exponential decay curve of the equation: y=A+Be^(-t). I wish to assess the quality of fit. Is it OK if I did a chi-squared test using X^2 = sum: (O-E)^2/E and then looked up the critical value?
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    Anderson-Darling Goodness of Fit test

    Hi there I would like to know if anyone has a PDF copy of the Table of Anderson-Darling critical values at the 5% significance level for a Weibull Distribution Goodness of Fit Test? Here is my email, you can email it there if you have it...
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    Problem fitting an SEM with latent variable

    Hello, I am having trouble with a Structural Equation Model. As you can see in the attached picture, my main outcome variable (F4) is a latent variable. When I run the model, all of the paths are significant in the hypothesized direction, but the Chi-square is very high (almost 10,000) and...
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    Goodness of fit for 2D histograms

    Hello all, I've dragging this problem for quite a while now and I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me whit it. I have two sets of data representing stars parameters: an observed one and a modeled one. With these sets I create what is called a two-color-diagram (TCD). A sample can...
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    Fisher's exact test as a goodness of fit test

    Hello everybody, I'm at a beginner level regarding statistics knowledge and I would very much appreciate any help with this problem. I have a 10000x2 table (see below, first column is actually the index) where the first column holds binned data representing observations, dataset A, and the...
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    evaluating loess fit

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to evaluate the fits of data using loess() in R. I cannot seem to find any established methods for determining the quality of a loess fit. I have been using the median absolute deviation of the residuals as an estimate of the "goodness of fit" and the amount of...
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    Poisson distribution - goodness of fit

    I want to test goodness of fit for poisson distribution for a very large data set (~millions of records). Can anybody suggest a method? All the methods that are available are for small data sets.
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    Can Phi Coefficient be used as an effect size for Chi-Square Goodness of Fit tests?

    Flip a coin 100 times -> 48 H, 52 T Null - coin follows a specified distribution Run a chi-square goodness of fit test using 48, 52 and 50, 50 I get a high P-Value which tells me to accept the null (coin is fair). Why then is the Phi-Coefficient low (2%)...meaning that the association...
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    Alternative to chi-squared test needed

    Hi all. I need a goodness of fit test for a situation in which a chi-squared test isn't appropriate - where the sum of the expected values does not necessarily equal the sum of the observed values. For example, I have 5 cells each with the same expected value of 10. The observations for...