1. L

    help me witch R and median

    I am currently working on the data from my research. Before I can run the analysis I need to find the median for a specific variable per participant. My data set consists of all the trials per participant and per trial there is data of that specific variable. How can I calculate the median for...
  2. L

    Median in R

    I am currently working on the data from my research. Before I can run the analysis I need to find the median for a specific variable per participant. My data set consists of all the trials per participant and per trial there is data of that specific variable. How can I calculate the median for...
  3. N

    What Statistical test would be most appropriate?

    I have collected data on physical activity and well-being through two separate questionnaires. I want to check whether there is an association between the two variables. I have have used spearmans rank currently but I am not sure this is the right. My sample size is very small (n=7) making it...
  4. A

    How do I perform my sequential analysis

    Hey all, At the moment I'm busy with my master thesis, but I am a bit stuck in at my analysis plan. I'm measuring the effect of political oriëntation (my main X) on vaccination readiness (y). In my plan I start with my control variables (C) and my Y-variabele. In the second step I have to add...
  5. R

    Comparing Groups - Are my stats tests biased?

    Hi, I am testing for statistical significance between lipid (oil) yield of two separate algal species split into four groups total. Each species has been split into two treatment groups, one with fewer nutrients and one with more. Therefore I have four groups to test statistical differences...
  6. U

    Help! What analysis should be performed on a dataset like this?

    I'm sorry but I really need help on how to perform an analysis on these data. This dataset, in which is studied the number of calories emitted during exercise on 24 observations (subjects), consists of three variables, all quantitative: ho (heat output) is the dependent variable and is the...
  7. M

    Need help to figure out a study design

    Hello everyone! I'm currently writing a systematic review and I just can't figure out the study design of one of the included studies. The study is from Davis et al. (2002) with the title "Swallowing with a tracheostomy tube in place: does cuff inflation matter?". The aim of the study was to...
  8. R

    Help deciding which spss functions to use

    I'll start off saying that stats in general has never been a strong point for me :D The variables i am using are; Gender Age Relationship Status Number of dependants Profession Neuroticism (Higher score = higher neuroticism) Affectivity (Higher score = positive; lower...
  9. N

    Multivariate logistic regression?

    Hi! With my master thesis project, I only use categorical data. I have one independent variabele, with four categories. My dependent variables are dichotomous (yes/no). I would like to use logistic regression to calculate the odds that when the categories of my independent variable are...
  10. T

    Multiple Meta-Regression in Stata Help

    I'm new to meta-analysis and to Stata. I understand how to use the user interface to insert multiple covariates into a meta-regression. However, I am not sure how to interpret the output and to make sure that the software has controlled for multiplicity and covariate correlation - so that I...
  11. A


    25% of all students enrolled in high school XYZ are taking Algebra. 30 students are chosen at random. Find the probability that exactly 7 students out of the 30 chosen are taking Algebra? Use the Binomial Probability Distribution. a. ≈≈16.86% b. ≈≈15.58% c. ≈≈16.62% d. ≈≈15%
  12. G

    Research Presentation Help

    Hello, I am stressing for an introductory business statistics class for university. I currently have the top 200 point getters from the 2018-2019 NHL regular season data tabulated along with each players respective cap hit (or salary) for the season. I am extremely struggling to decide and...
  13. A


    A company makes parts for a machine. The lengths of the parts must be within certain limits or they will be rejected. A large number of parts were measured and the mean and standard deviation were calculated as 3.1 m and 0.005 m respectively. Assuming this data is normally distributed and 99.7%...
  14. P

    what sample size is needed for a 99% confidence interval and .025% margin error

    As a manufacturer of golf equipment, the Spaulding Corp. wants to estimate the proportion of golfers who are left handed. (The company can use this information in planning for the number of right handed and left handed sets of clubs to make) How many golfers must be surveyed if we want 99%...
  15. Yama Karimi

    Which test should be used with 1 dependent variable and 7 independent variables?

    Hello everyone I'm carrying out a research which tries to analyse factors affecting coffee consumption behavior, there are 7 independent variables on hand and 1 dependent variable which is coffee consumption behavior Is Multiple regression analysis can be used while there is relation among...
  16. S

    What test to use in SPSS....PLS HELP :((

    Hi, I'm trying to write my dissertation for my 3rd year undergrad project and I am really stuck with the stats :( I carried out an observational study using questionnaires looking at public knowledge of dementia. I specifically want to look at how knowledge of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and...
  17. A

    What stats tests should I be running?

    I have data looking at the number of different prey species and the number of different predator species that visited a waterhole and I'm categorizing by time, so eg. 3-6am : 5 prey, 2 predator 6-9am: 10 prey, 1 predator ect. I've tried doing a 2 way anova, and chi squared test but I dont...
  18. M

    Sample size when adding two means

    I want to compare a theoretical mean to a measured mean. But I determine this theoretical mean from adding two measured means. For example, let's say I want to determine if mixing a shade of white paint with a shade of black paint yields a particular gray paint (let’s pretend I can quantify...
  19. M

    Statistic subject test question

    Hello everyone! Merry Christmas in advance! Here I just faced with a little issue of my son that I have no idea how to solve and he obviously neither. I just want to understand how to solve this tasks so I can explain to him and if you can help me I will be more than appreciated. The tasks are...
  20. B

    probability -please help ;(

    Hi! I am trying to do this tasks but can't think of any way to solve this, reading my notes doesn't help at all:/ I've done what I could in ex.3 and started ex.4. I will appreciate help with any task!