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    Probability of a multiple variables sum

    Hi everyone, I’m coming here for really advance statistic/probability advice. I would like to know the probability of a variable TAU_total such as TAU_total=TAU1+TAU2+….+TAU129. The variables TAUi are independent of each other. For each one of them, I have a sample of 20,000 values which you...
  2. D

    Normal Distribution?

    I have a fairly large sample size of tenants and their average length of stay. When I try to put the data into a histogram, I don't seem to get a normally distributed data set because there is a large number of tenants that stay a short time period and then I have another large number of tenants...
  3. V

    Interpreting histogram

    Thank you!
  4. A

    Modifying values on Y axis of a histogram

    Hello and sorry in advance for my poor English ;) I would like to plot a frequency distribution in R. On the X axis are my values (elevation in my case) and on the Y axis the frequency. So far so good. But: I would like to convert this frequency values (ammount of pixels in my case) into...
  5. O

    Need help to interpret this histogram

    Hi! In above histogram I know 65% of samples have (0 - 3 minutes) service time or 21% of samples have (3 - 6 minutes) service time but I can not interpret connected points which are distinct with arrowhead! Could you please guide me to find out them? Thanks in advance. Omid
  6. F

    Histograms of Data Frame Columns

    I have a data.frame that I need produce a histogram for each column of data. I'm using the dataframe baseball from the library coorgram here. The second line of code removes all of the non numeric data from the data frame. My code currently produces the histogrm but incorrectly places all of...
  7. L

    Trying to order a histogram/barchart by factor number but using factor name as labels

    I have data on mushroom edibility that looks like this: SpeciesName Edibility EdibilityRank abruptibulbus Good 3 arvensis Choice 1 bisporus Good 3 bitorquis Choice 1 campestris Choice 1 diminutivus...
  8. C

    Confidence intervals with a skewed histogram

    If a histogram is skewed right, does that give us any concern about the validity of a calculated confidence interval?
  9. A

    How to calculate the minimum x for histogram bins values

    Let say that I want to construct an histogram for 100 continuous values with 5 bins of equal interval How do I select the minimum value for the first bin. Is i the minimum of all the values? It seems the SPSS or Minitab select different minimums Thanks Avi
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    Right closed or left closed histograms

    What difference does it make if histograms are right closed (left open) or left closed (right open). Please, someone do help me?
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    How well a few values fit a given distribution?

    Dear all, I have approximated two one-dimensional random variables A and B using Gaussian Mixture Models (3 gaussians). I used gmdistribution.fit Matlab function with 10000 values. The resulting distributions are called f_{A}(x) and f_{B}(x) (shown in attached Figure 1, being...
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    Question about histogram construction

    Hello. I know this may be an obvious answer, but my instructor has given me this question Part I. The following twenty data are the yields of the weight (pounds) gained each month per person. 7.0 4.0 3.4 5.1 6.8 4.4 6.6 5.6 4.6 3.6 4.8 5.6 7.4 5.0 5.0 5.8 3.8 6.3 5.6 5.6 Construct a...
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    Little litle help with Stata! I'm a beginner!

    Hi everybody! I'm using stata since 3 weeks ago and i'm having problems doing a project for my university! I have to analyse political participation of immigrants in France and United Kingdom. From european social survey I got some variables which i would like to use such as "donated...
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    Histogram PDF fitting- Bin Variance Poisson or not

    So my basic query is just because you've binned and counted the data into a histogram are the error bars on the bins necessarily the Poisson sqrt(N)? Longer explanation: I have an image of pixel values which represent brightness values. Im binning them into a histogram to get the PDF of the...
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    Plotting a normal distribution curve over a histogram

    I'm trying to plot a normal distribution curve over my histogram but I can't get my code to work for the curve. It just looks like it's plotting a very low curve, what am I doing wrong? This is my code: minutes<-c(107, 116, 127, 126, 111, 90, 125, 124, 92, 121, 131, 137, 95, 101, 101, 111...
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    2-way ANOVA Normality Requirements

    Greetings, My objective is to conduct a 2-way anova (equal sample sizes/246 samples) in R. After running the Shapiro-Wilk normality test on the residuals, I am getting a p value of =.0011 which signifies that the distributions are not normally distributed. However, the histogram of errors and...
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    Goodness of fit for 2D histograms

    Hello all, I've dragging this problem for quite a while now and I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me whit it. I have two sets of data representing stars parameters: an observed one and a modeled one. With these sets I create what is called a two-color-diagram (TCD). A sample can...
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    Simple histogram from a 20*2 matrix

    Would you point me in the right direction and correct me in what I have bungled? From a 20*2 matrix I must put the first 8 columns as a histogram on a graph, using a 2 by 4 matrix. This is what I have so far. histogram<- matrix(data,2,20) hist(histogram,4,2)
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    Creating histogram within variables - labels

    Hey guys. I have a dataset with 6 different job categories and a simple yes/no-answer to a question. My data is coded in two variables; job-type and yes/no. That means, that I've labeled 1,2,3,4,5,6 in Job-types with job names and 1 and 2 in answer variable to yes/no. What I don't know is...