1. Ron04

    Forecast method

    I have developed a Timeseries Multiplicative Triple Forecasting model. (Holt Winters model as baseline) . With my Alpha,Beta and Gamma parameters I am able to forecast future demand.That is not the issue. It provides 26 .8 % reliablity.That obviously has to be at least 60 % or higher. Now for...
  2. I

    Combine decomposed forecast with a Holt-winter forecast

    I just want to know, can i combine a decomposed forecast with any other non-decomposed forecast like holt-winter and is there any reference to someone who did something like this before? I don't see a problem with it, but i would like an opinion from someone else. The new combined...
  3. Y

    Holt-Winter forecasting for many future events

    Hello, I have been investigating and testing forecasting methods for incoming call volumes. I have many months of data. The data exhibits a clear seasonality depending on the day of the week. I have created a Holt-Winter model for the data with a period of 7, similar to the method...