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    T2 hotteling for univariate time series

    Hello, I have to do a comparison between multiple subjects for a drug response variable over time. The variable to analyze is movement and is highly autocorrelated. Movement is measured one time per second. Each subject should be compared to a control. I read in some paper T2 hotteling could...
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    Hotelling's Trace v. Hotelling's T^2- Why make the move?

    Hello, I am writing a dissertation and my chair wants me to convert Hotelling's Trace (resulting from my MANOVA) into Hotelling's T^2. No problem to actually do, but what I cannot find in research, and what my chair won't tell me, is why I would do this. The Trace shows the sum of the SSM/SSR...
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    Multivariate Hotelling's T or univariate test?

    Hi, I am new to the board and tried to search for Hotelling's T but could not find an answer to my problem (the appropriate test statistic). I'm not sure if Hotelling's is the correct stat, or if one exists. Setup: I have two samples of different sizes, A and B, drawn from different...