hyposteses testing

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    Math behind Pareto chart of standardized effects

    I would like to understand the math behind the graph that Minitab computes explained here, which I have encountered a couple of times in publications regarding regression modeling such as example1, example2. According to the Minitab website, the bars represent each term in the regression...
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    Hypothesis testing for 2 sample proportion

    Previously, the manager measured that the machine effectiveness was at 67.3% with a sample of size of 9. The team has made some improvements by reducing the time of changeovers, major stops and speed loss. Since those improvements, the manager has measured a rate of effectiveness at 78.2% with a...
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    Stats Question

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    Hypothesis tests of population proportions

    I have been given a question similar to the following - In a sample of 1000 voters, 48% voted for candidate A and 26% voted for candidate B. There has been a claim that the number of people who voted for candidate A is more than 50% higher than the people who voted for candidate B. I have been...
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    Which statistical tests should be performed?

    Hi, I did experiment to compare the effect
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    Confusing question on z-score for sample mean

    Hey folks, I was hoping someone would understand this better than I do. I am trying to solve the following problem: We are testing the hypothesis that the average gas consumption per day in Billings, Montana is greater than 7 gallons per day; we want 95% confidence. We sample 30 drivers. The...
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    Which statistical test to use for multi-modal and mixed type data?

    I researched for hours but cannot find the direction for the right statistical test to use. Here is the situation for Population A and B: When plotting this frequency distribution, it looks like this: My observations to this point: - Shape: Multi-modal - Data type: Discrete Additional...
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    Help with homework. Decision rule to minimise a type 1 error of a sample mean, with probability unknown

    Question link: My answer: 1a) To minimize, you make the decision rule being, reject null hypothesis if x-bar is more than 1, or less than 0. Since there is 0 probability of happening, you never make a type 1 error b) 1 - p-cubed c) 0.9 cubed = 0.729 However, I don't exactly understand the...
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    Which statistical model to choose?

    Hey guys, I have a few hypotheses in a randomized control trial that I would like to test: 1) Effect of a treatment on several outcome variables (some of them are continuous, some of them are dichotomous) 2) Moderating effect of commitment in the treatment on effect 1) - Commitment...
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    Difference between expected spending and observed spending. What kind of statistical

    I would like some advice from you about what kind of statistical analysis I could do about that data. My case is as follows: According to a research I have the information that the financial health of the company for a specific type of activity should put the following percentages on...
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    Hypotheses Testing in Amos (reading output). Help

    I have conducted a CFA for my theoretical model assessment using SPSS AMOS. I am at the stage where I need to confirm/reject hypotheses addressed by my model and I am not entirely sure how to interpret the AMOS output results in order to do that. Apparently i have to look at Standardized...