independ variable

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    SPSS: transforming variables?

    I am doing a single linear regression and multiple regression, but I have a question about my independent variable. My independent variables (X) are between 0 and 100. Some of my hypothesizes is that "A high X will lead to a lower Y" High X = value above fifty to hundred and Low x =...
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    Quasi-experiments and variable manipulation

    Hello, I am new here so forgive me if I seem amateur, After doing a lot of research and discussion with other students I have continued to find conflicting information about whether the manipulation of variables is or is not required in order for it to be a quasi experimental design. Can...
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    Is biological disposition an Independent Variable? What do you think?

    I've been asked to look at the relationship between child attachment in the first year of life and problem behavior at age 10. Also, whether gender of the child may predict problem behavior at age 10. So I need to design a study, (longitudinal study I would say) and get women from a local...