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    Comparing two samples with not independent observations within each one

    Hi, I would appreciate your advice. I have the following experimental design: I measure the heartbeat of a person while he/she listens to music. The hypothesis is that the louder music will result in higher heartbeat rate. So, a subject listens for 30 min classical piece while measuring...
  2. M

    conditional independence

    hello, I would like to ask the following: I have 3 random variables X , Y and Z. If I know that X is independent of Y given Z then does this imply that X is independent of Z? thanks !
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    Picking the correct test, need help urgently!

    Hello, I feel like the answer for this is probably really obvious but I am being missing it altogether. This is my data: Habitat Associating Not Associating Total Observations Flood 51 0 51 Levee 524 72 596 Liana 162...