independence test

  1. R

    Chi - Square Test for test of independence of variables in different treatment groups

    Hello together, I have a question concerning my bachelor thesis. It is the first time I am actually doing statistical analysis on my own and so recommendations are very welcome. I work with a huge dataset of N=30000 with 10 randomized treatments group (variable „Treatment“ going from 0 to 9) and...
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    What would you do?

    Hello everybody, I hope this is the right place. I am writing my thesis on Sport industry and I'm currently facing a statistical issue (of course, you'd say, we are in a statistics forum:)). I have to demonstrate the independence between revenues and results on the pitch (represented...
  3. M

    Independence test for multidimensional data sets

    Hi I had a 6 dimensional (non parametric independent variables) data set, each case representing day of my study period. I performed clustering analysis and categorized the days into four groups. Now I am looking for a statistical test which can establish whether the 4 clusters are...