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    Sports data set

    I am looking at sports team level data (summarized by average in each season) over several seasons and would like to predict/classify the winner of the championship. In a single season, the data has many more variables than observations (for example, 30 variables but only 10 teams). Would it be...
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    Determining sub-period probability from overlapping temporal probabilities

    Hi. If the probability of an event (e.g. thunder) occurring in the 12 hours spanning 5 am to 5 pm is some value ...and... the probability of the same event (e.g. thunder) occurring in the 12 hours spanning 11 am to 11 pm is another value... can the probability of an event occurring in the 6...
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    Independence of cases (observations)

    Dear all, I am currently analyzing the effects several independent variables have on dependant variable (political party's position on immigration, to be more specific). As the cases (observations) here are political parties - the number of them is very limited (in fact, I have only 21 party...
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    Computer game log normally distributed

    I'm playing a computer game and I want to boost the high score. I assume that attempts are independent (say, you do not improve by playing), and in each game my achieved points are lognormally distributed with mean 500 and variance 1’000’000. How often do I have to play so that your high score...
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    About multiples of a SD

    hey there, i have an issue with a task from my statistics book, its an introductory course in statistics for scientists (chemistry student), anyways the problem: We have containers that should be filled with 0.55L each, the standard deviation from the machine error in filling is 0.07L. A box...
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    Are two sources of variation ever completely independent?

    Pick three values to represent the true value, and two error sources and put them as the header in separate columns. Remember to include a positive or negative sign to represent the direction of the error. Let the experimentally determined value be the sum of all three values. Now, use a...
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    What would you do?

    Hello everybody, I hope this is the right place. I am writing my thesis on Sport industry and I'm currently facing a statistical issue (of course, you'd say, we are in a statistics forum:)). I have to demonstrate the independence between revenues and results on the pitch (represented...
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    ANOVA for temporal factor data - Data thinning to avoid autocorrelation/dependence?

    Hi all I am conducting an analysis to assess the temporal occurrence of a species of whale in our survey area at different time scales using sightings per unit effort (SPUE, number of sightings per hour of effort) data. I am running separate ANOVA’s for each of the factors of Survey Week (18...
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    Help finding appropriate test when observations are non-independent

    I have a data set consisting of data from 7 islands. I have measured the average gene flow between each pair of islands as well as the difference in temperature between each pair of islands. I want to know whether these to variables (average gene flow and "thermal mismatch" are correlated)...
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    Dealing with data where the values of variable Y depend on values of variable X

    Hi there, I've been doing some undergrad research and am confused about how to handle some of my data (and my professor doesn't know much about stats...:( ) Basically, I'm looking at the durations of two behaviours in animals, behaviour X and behaviour Y. Behaviour Y occurs while the animal...
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    Can I assume these are independent?

    Hello! Trying to resolve in my mind a small dilemma. I'm assessing the risk factors for blood loss in surgery. The data come from an observational study. I ran bivariate analyses on each of the risk factors and the outcome variable. Next, using proc genmod, built a model based on AIC to...
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    dependent or independent

    Dear Sirs, I have situation in which I query different sites on the genome (biologically independent) and for each site I get a measurement. I have a number of measurements that are close together on the genome and I call that a region. I then want to compare the measurements of a region...
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    dependent samples & correction for multiple testing

    Dear all, I have situation in which I compare many genomic regions between two or more cell lines (CL). Each region is covered by n probes measuring the level of methylation (continuous variable). The coverage (value of n = sample size per region, generally varies between 4 and 20) is...
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    Alternative nonparametric test for chi-square test for independence

    Hello, suppose we have a table like this: and we want to know if wining or loosing depends on sex (male or female) apart from chi-square test for Independence, which non-parametric tests we can use? Thanks
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    multinomial logistic regression - assumptions violated?

    Hi everybody :) I ended up asking a few questions in another thread that however didn't have a matching title, which probably explains why nobody replies. Since it's really important for me to understand, I am reposting my questions in this new thread with a matching title... and hope someone...
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    What does uncorrelatedness and independence imply?

    Dear all, I'm currently reading papers of statistical modelling. I encountered with the concepts of uncorrelatedness and independence. I understand the definitioins, but I am wondering what are the real effects they can make in statistical analysis? For example, I have a dataset and I use...
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    Multilevel model of school data

    Hi, I have a model I am working with to estimate 6 grade test scores from a sample of students who were in a school district from K-6. I am using both Stata and MLWIN to compare results. The ICC from the random intercept model is around .15, so there is school level variance to explain. I have...
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    Independence of computed values

    Hi fellows, I'd like to ask you for help. I's sure my problem is trivial for some of you but I can't figure it out by myself.. The problem is that I have 11 gradients, just 11 values, that are calculated from a fingerprint, and I wish to know whether these 11 numbers are statistically...
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    Difference of mean with unequal sample sizes and nesting (and non-independence!)

    Hello: I've never posted here before; hopefully this query isn't redundant. (I have tried to look through previous posts for an answer!). My problem involves difference of means, unequal sample sizes, and nested groups. The basics: I want to know whether the difference between two means is...