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    Regression analysis sample size

    Hello, I am undertaking a study looking at patients with AF (a heart rhythm disorder). I'm looking at how continuous baseline variable (X) predicts a improvement (a continuous measure of function) (Y) after a discrete treatment. I plan on using regressional analysis after collecting the before...
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    Which statistical test I have to use for pre/post test?

    Dear readers, I am wirting my thesis and I would like to test the effects of an mindfulness Intervention (independent variable) on reducing depressive, anxiety and stress symptoms (3 dependent variables). I have a pre and post-test for this and I would also like to include a control group...
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    Correlation and reproducibility

    Hi, I just registered to find some answers to probably very simple questions.. I hope those are not answered too often in the forum, but my computer gives me an error when I try to use the search function (maybe due to corporate internet restrictions). Starting situation 1: 4...
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    Medical Industry - 3 Dichotomous Indepedent Variables - ANOVA filtering

    Hi all, I have a data set with 3 proposed dichotomous independent variables: sex (male or female), side (left or right), and region (lower or upper). I want to know which are significant / affect my dependent variable: distance. Apparently, in the medical research community, it is common to...
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    Help for simple regression

    My research question is: "Can we say that the number of hours of Internet use increases with Internet purchase?" with the variables: - Use of Internet per week (Use in hours) - If respondent has already made a purchase on the Internet (1 = yes, 2 = no) This statement clearly tell me...
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    Interpretation of coefficients, dependent variable in (%), independent variable in ln

    Hi, I have a very simple question. I have the following equation. My dependent variable is CRES which is the share of renewables in a country's energy supply. My independent variables are log transformed, besides Kyoto which is a dummy variable. CRES= β0 + β1lnGDP + β2Kyoto+...
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    Multiple Regression with Ratio as Independent Variable

    I am doing a multiple regression and want to use a ratio (number of support staff to number of students) as an independent variable. Does dividing the numbers and using the resulting number suffice? Or is there something else I should do? Also, how do I determine if it is more appropriate to do...
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    Anova or Chi Square for checking significant related effects

    Hi, I am a newbie to Data Analysis and would be thankful if you could explain to me if for this exercise I use Chi Square or Regression ( looking at the ANOVA table). For each what would be the specific steps? For example for Regression which is the dependent variable, etc. Exercise...
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    Spearmans rho: Attitude (on a Likert scale) Purchase Intentions (on a Likert scale)?

    I have measured 'Attitude towards a product' using Likert scale and I have measured 'Purchase Intentions to buy the product' also using Likert scale. Now I have to check "if Attitude influences Purchase Intention". I have ranked the Likert scale and performed Speamans rank correlation. Are there...
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    SPSS help

    Hi, I just have a few quick questions. Statistics is not my best all, and I could REALLY use the help. I am currently in Research Methods and I have stupid, simple questions that I could use the answers too. My question on my homework is, there are 40 participants split up into...
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    Is biological disposition an Independent Variable? What do you think?

    I've been asked to look at the relationship between child attachment in the first year of life and problem behavior at age 10. Also, whether gender of the child may predict problem behavior at age 10. So I need to design a study, (longitudinal study I would say) and get women from a local...
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    Plz help...LOG transformation of Ratio in Percentage Independent variable

    Hi, In my regression I have used a ratio term (in %) as the independent variable. That value ranges from 0.0001% to 99.95%. Can I take the log of this variable to normalize the variable. Plz help. Thanks in advance
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    Categorical data tested for several factors: which test should I use?

    Hi guys, I'm currently doing a research project as part of my internship on mangrove damage along a river as a consequence of a major flood event. Shoreline was analysed for 1 meter sections. For each section my data comprises of the categorical categories mortality (yes/no) and certain...
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    How to apply GEE and how to use it for critical mass

    Hi, sorry I am completely new to the forum and as well to using GEE and SPSS so I hope my question is not to confusing. My dependent variable is the firm performance and I have several controlling variables. First of all I am not sure how to set up my independent variable. I would like to...
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    Methods for verifying intependent variable integrity. How?

    Can you help me by describing a few methods for verifying independent variable integrity in single subject experiments? Thank you! :)