instrument validation

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    Which statistical test to use to compare 3 measure instruments?

    Hello everybody! I have to compare two fitnesstrackers: W1 and W2 and select the most accurate one, the most performant one in measuring HeartRate data. For that, I measured for each of my 10 participants their heartrate using: an Electrocardiogramm (ECG), W1 and W2. Now for each of my...
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    Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

    Hello. I'm developing an instrument with 27 items and I need to conduct Exploratory Factor Analysis and later, Confirmatory Factor Analysis. A sample of 26 participants (data collection interrupted by Covid-19...) answered the 27 items. A sample of 342 participants answered the 27 items and...
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    Need assistance to conduct a validation of research instrument

    I'm completing a PhD degree and need help from five PhD holders in order to conduct an instrument validation (face value and content validation). The instrument contains 17 questions which are used to to measure 4 central constructs. The instrument is based on a previously developed and...