1. N

    interaction continuous*dummy:possible to treat continuous variable as the moderator?

    Hey everyone. This is my first post here so please be kind to me :) . For my thesis my aim is to run a moderation analysis between organizational commitment and training. My dependent variable is job satisfaction. Org.commitment comes from 4 5-point likert-items, therefore I calculated the...
  2. M

    Interpretation interaction term in glmer()

    Hi, I am using the glmer() function from the package lme4 for a mixed logistic regression model. Here, the formula is Y ~ X + Z + X:Z, where Y is the binomial outcome, X is a categorical predictor with 3 levels (X1, X2, X3, where X1 is the baseline), and Z is a continuous predictor. In the...
  3. A

    Proc Mixed effect interpretation

    Hello, I am analyzing an experiment in which we tested the effect of different treatments on trauma. So, for example, blood pressure (and other parameters) is followed in animals exposed to trauma and treated in different ways. I am using the Proc mixed procedure to analyze my data with...
  4. T

    Help with interpretation

    Hello everyone, I tried to do cluster analysis for my class, but I'm not sure how to interpret the plot I got. Can anyone help me with that please? Thanks, Tomer.
  5. V

    Linear Regression Interpretation

    Hi there, I am running a Multiple Linear Regression analysis. I have 2 predictor variables (self-worth and self-acceptance) and 1 criterion variable (self-esteem). As hypothesized, self-worth and self-acceptance reliably predicted the scores on self-esteem (eg. higher scores on the...
  6. K

    Newbie stats help: How to safely interpret Total Variance Explained -Factor analysis

    Hi all, I have run a factor analysis to test reliability and validity of an established scale and found simple structure with my own sample, which is great. I found a difference between the factors that explain most of the variance in the established study and my study. Now I am discussing...
  7. rogojel

    Physical interpretation of an AR(n) series

    Hi, I am learning TS analysis but my angle is probably diffent from the usual. Being in six sigma I need to reduce the variability of a process that I can prove is basically AR(3) which with 3 runs on the average per day means one day's runs influence the next day in the mathematical model...
  8. rogojel

    Interpretation of an AR model

    hi, looking at process times of a rather complex machine I found that an AR(2) model describes it quite well. Does it make sense to interpret this as an indication that the machine has a "memory" of about 2 runs ? E.g. insufficient cleaning between runs? thanks a lot!
  9. D

    Seeking help for the interpretation of model fit indices

    Hi everyone... Please help me with the following question I'm doing my research that one of it aims is to test the model fit of a particular model. I'm having a problem to draw the conclusion of the fit of the model since it has various model fit indices that show different result. Below is...
  10. Y

    Reporting logistic regression results

    Hi, I have a study that aims to find out the association of a binary outcome (e.g. BP control-Y/N) with categorical independent variables e.g. their dietary and exercise preferences. As I have a very long list of these independent variables (50 qns on dietary and 50 qns on exercise), do I...
  11. A

    stepAIC - summary(binomial GLM) - insignificant variables

    Why stepAIC gives a model with unsignificant variables in the summary(model) ? I would like to know what environmental variables allows to explain the presence of several species (binomial glm). I used a stepAIC procedure to select the best model. But when I do a summary(model), some...
  12. Q

    Mixed ANOVA with covariate - interpretation help!!!

    Hi, I conducted the following mixed ANOVA with a covariate: 2 x groups (BS factor) 3 x Switching as repeated measures (WS factor) IQ as covariate. My output gave me the following results: in the BS-table, the effect of IQ and group x IQ was not significant. Which is good, I guess. not so...
  13. B

    Interpretation of linear-log regression model (Neep Help)

    Dear All, I had a problem with my data of growth in percentage regarding negative and positive values due to which I could not transform it into log and get rid of heteroskedasticity issue. However, I found out another way to get rid of negative values i.e. adding a constant with each...
  14. G

    Interpreting the coefficients of my regression model

    Hi all, I am a student at Bournemouth University currently undertaking a research project into the pay-performance sensitivity in AIM companies. I want to investigate the impact of firm performance on total pay. My dependent variable is total pay (inc cash + equity pay) and my independent...
  15. T

    R results interpretation??

    Hi all, First time poster and a novice with this stuff so please go easy! Although I would really appreciate some help. I have been given a model that looks at the relationship between two variables from 70s to 2014, it uses a deterministic time varying coefficient (DTVC) model weighted...
  16. P

    interpreting ModMed results

    Can we interpret ModMed results if our indirect effect is significant (Class Intervals don't include zero) but our interactions are not significant (CI includes zero)? Please may you guide me to an article which I can quote w.r.t your response? Thanks in advance!
  17. P

    Interpreting Mediation results

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding interpretation of my results for Mediation using Hayes' Process macro. The key point for finding significance is to see that the Class Interval does not include zero. However, in my mediation model, although the indirect effect CI doesn't include zero...
  18. M

    Estimates from a log-linear regression model

    Hello all, I am estimating a economic growth regressions using dynamic panel data. My specification is as folllows: Ln(Y_i,t) = a*Ln(Y_i,t-1) + b*X_i,t + e_i,t - Y measures income per capita - X is the independent variable of interest, which represents a certain share of GDP (e.g...
  19. E

    Interpreting strength of prediction re: R2

    Hi there, I was looking for some clarification regarding how to calculate/write up a full inferential interpretation of a linear regression model's strength of prediction, in terms of the obtained R2 (i.e. R-Squared) value. What kind of data needs to be included in writing up such an...
  20. J

    Correlation interpretation: when to use "is related"?

    If the selling of ice cream was found correlated (0.4-0.6) to the temperature, can we conclude that ice cream selling "is related" to the temperature? Or we can just say that there is a relationship? By using is related, do you imply cause and effect relationship? Can we also say that other...