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    Discrepancy Kaplan Meier analysis and Cox regression analysis

    I want to investigate significant predictors for disease free survival. For this, I did created Kaplan Meier curves for each possible risk factor. The significant predictors after Kaplan Meier analysis were included in a Cox regression analysis. Tumor diameter (divided in 3 categories) was a...
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    Kaplan-Meier Estimator Formula

    I am trying to figure out which approach I should use to plot the KM Survival estimator. I am referring to different resources. One from the Survival Analysis Course provided through Coursera and another through a tutorial provided via KDD...
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    Estimating the probability of the residual lifetime based on Kaplan-Meier curve

    So I had this question on my exam about survival analysis and I didn't know the answer but I would like to know how I should answer it: "Give, based on this KM-curve, an estimate for the probability that the residual lifetime is larger than 300 days, when the patient is already standing on the...
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    IPTW survival analysis with crossed KM

    Hello, i am new here but i have the feeling, i will be around for some time. Off to my question now :) I am currently doing a survival analysis between two groups of patients that either received an event (surgery) or not. I want to find out, how this affects different survival endpoints. Now i...
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    How to do power analysis

    I want to do power analyses prior doing statistical tests on data to assess for the power it would yield. It mostly is survival data. I want to use Cox etc. What will you recommend, how to perform these?
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    Kaplan-Meier Estimate

    Let T_i is the survival time for individual i (i=1,2,\ldots, n) and C_i be the time to censoring. Let U_i=\min(T_i,C_i). And \hat S(U_i) is the Kaplan-Meier estimator for the censoring distribution. Suppose R_i and Z_i are two indicator functions. Also,p is a probability. Consider the following...
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    Area under Kaplan Meier curve

    There is one thing bothering me for some time: What does area under Kaplan-Meier survival curve actally represent? Is there a plausible way to compare two areas under curve when for instance two curves cross late in follow-up and invalidate the use of log-rank test due to violation of...
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    Why not use Kaplan Meier?

    In the method described here http://dmkd.cs.vt.edu/papers/TKDE17.pdf R code implementation is provided https://github.com/MLSurvival/ESP/blob/master/ESP_TKDE2016/TKDE_code.R the Kaplan-Meier estimator is initially estimated from data but then (from line 244) different distributions...
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    Kaplan Meier Curves With Repeat Events? Is it Possible?

    This may be a stupid question, but: can you construct Kaplan-Meier curves for repeat event data? Or should I limit each individual to occurrence of the first event? Thanks so much everyone! -Laura
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    Confidence interval for person time incidence rate

    Dear everyone, I would like to estimate a 95%CI of person time incidence rate (as 45 death per 10,000 person year) Anyone knows a way to estimate it ? Same question for Kaplan Meier estimate.. Thanks a lot for your help!
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    Help with Kaplan-Meier Analysis

    Hello We have done a retrospective study on the survival of fillings in teeth. The situation is as follows: When the filling was lost: Coded as "1" and survival time was noted When the filling is intact: Coded as "0" I have a problem here.... There are some cases when the tooth as a...
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    Discrepencies between SPSS and SAS

    Does anyone know why there are differences in results when performing Kaplan Meier survival analysis tests in SPSS and SAS. The values do not match exactly and the bigger the sample population, the wider this difference becomes. Does anyone know what the difference in algorithms might be?